Friday, August 27, 2010

Story of My Life...

& this is true of stacks look amazingly similar.
Life's details waiting to be placed into the proper folder.
Once in the folder, probably forgotten.

I have always been a "last minute, clutch player" knowing
I would, somehow, miraculously succeed, and complete
the task just as the curtain goes up.
Do you ever do this?

Nowadays, it seems uncomfortable to rush.
I prefer arriving at the airport before the door of the plane is beginning to close.
I prefer to decorate the Christmas tree, even it it still takes 3 days,
and have time to truly enjoy it's shimmering beauty...
you know, sitting with my 2 lovely doggies, fireplace going, candles lighted,
sipping a nice Bordeaux, alone...
then to be racing around until the last moment
always thinking it could be just a little better.

It doesn't get better, it just gets to be "more."

back from a little holiday, ready to face the Fall fashions
& attendant hysteria.  Remember what Oscar Wilde said: