Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember Paper Dolls?

Oh, I have been having so much fun!  Silly little idea for someone my age,
but, perhaps, it's vicarious thrills at it's best.

fashion illustration, artist unknown to me

Subject for today:  1 Jacket, 4 Looks
created by me on this lovely little "let's make paperdolls" site called
Polyvore.  Not being a fantastic geek-like person on the computer,
even if you don't like the fashions you've got to be impressed that
I was able to get this together. Of course, money was NO object,
therefore, I was able to choose exactly what I thought was totally cool.

for all of us too old to wear mini-skirts, we will also be considered in
future doll clothes.

"No one has ever measured,  even poets,  how much the heart can hold."

go back a couple of posts to make a comment &
be entered. 
It's 2 beautiful big Swarovski Cuff Bracelets.
from our Holiday Collection.

Also, hop over to visit 2 lovely blogs about
cooking & home, both on my sidebar

What Katie Ate
Buongiorno Principessa

similar to Yvonne's StoneGable
Cannille et Vanille
have a lovely weekend everyone
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  1. Id love to play dolls with clothes so many thanks for sharing how.Fiona

  2. Grown up paperdolls sound very fun, artistic and creative!!

    Art by Karena

  3. This takes me back some years, wondeful post and wonderful memories,

    Enjoy your week-end;

  4. Hi Marsha,

    I love paper dolls. I think we are finally old enough to really appreciate them. :0) There are tons of vintage one floating around "google".

    I'm so glad to be visiting with you again...I've stayed so behind this summer on my blogging compared to what it used to be.

    Please come visit with me and enter my Creative Soul Giveaway.

    Happy {Pink} Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  5. Hello Marsha,
    I like very much drawings designs and these are wonderful.
    I wish you a happy and rested weekend

  6. Oh Yes! wish paper dolls would make a come back and replace some awful vidio games. We would have a different set of minds out there.
    I loved playing with my dolls and designing clothes as a child.I kept them in a phone book
    with tags (Betty Grable) Lots of feathers.
    Love the way you put this post together, you are a clever lady.

  7. Oh, I love these paper dolls! I'll see if I can get on the website! Looks like fun! ♥

  8. Did I enter? I know I love your blog and I'm a follower but I'm not sure I've written on the right post! Thanks sweet lady! Enjoy your weekend! ♥


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