Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Saturday 11.6.2010

Dominican Republic, La Romana

 Manolo Blahnik's

 Precious Pink Sapphires

St. Augustine, Florida
The move is now complete, except the unpacking, furniture
arranging, finding out that almost nothing you already own works in
your new home, Good Willing ALL colored towels, wondering how on
earth you will ever find window coverings for all those mini-blinded
windows, chasing runaway dogs, doing laundry, and on Monday
 starting a new job at 7AM for a hard-hat meeting
(my daughter, not me).

My blogging will be sporadic with holidays, jewelry work in progress,
and  related occurences, plus catching up with my friends &
finding time for myself, which is vital.

One thing I know. I simply cannot exist without my nails & toes
being perfect, and my hair color being right (damn damn damn
this gray coming in!).  All of this is impossible for me to do myself so
the appropriate amount of time is necessary to set aside for ME.

We all need time just for ourselves. It's not selfish. It's vital for
our well-being and, therefore, for the people in our families'
well-being.  I used to think I could be the pitcher & the catcher,
but I can't.  And, it's OK.

This will probably be my last Pink Saturday post,
but I do hope you visit all the other ladies...see the icon at very
bottom of my post to click over to the others.
Or, go here

I'm still in Austin, the Texas weather is beautiful, crisp &
clear blue skies.  So nice