Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sass & Bide

A few days ago I discovered a brilliant young woman named
Pippa McManus

from Australia, who is a
fashion illustrator of some note & has a lovely blog
Workable Fixative
which you will find HERE

and I quote:

"About 6 months ago I got pretty obsessed with that pink raffia skirt by Sass & Bide.
 I harassed the poor girls at the S&B store in Perth till I finally bought it.
 While I was coveting I drew it and some other faves from the collection. 
Then I got invited to the Claremont store opening and got to meet 
Sarah-Jane and their gorgeous PR manager at the time Jacqueline Perrett! 
A dream since I was a fashion student 7 yrs ago. 
So I sent this to them the other day."

adorable or what?


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