Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sass & Bide

A few days ago I discovered a brilliant young woman named
Pippa McManus

from Australia, who is a
fashion illustrator of some note & has a lovely blog
Workable Fixative
which you will find HERE

and I quote:

"About 6 months ago I got pretty obsessed with that pink raffia skirt by Sass & Bide.
 I harassed the poor girls at the S&B store in Perth till I finally bought it.
 While I was coveting I drew it and some other faves from the collection. 
Then I got invited to the Claremont store opening and got to meet 
Sarah-Jane and their gorgeous PR manager at the time Jacqueline Perrett! 
A dream since I was a fashion student 7 yrs ago. 
So I sent this to them the other day."

adorable or what?


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designchic said...

Oh my gosh...I love them both - the clothing and the illustrations!!

Karena said...

Fun, flirty, and fluffy!!


Art by Karena

LouBoo said...

Hello there...thank you for your comment on my blog and like last time you are so right. Its a whole host of things, not just one. I have thought so much about the wisdom you have left me about your daughter and often when I find myself thinking 'how did I get here? Can someone feel life pain?' I think of what you wrote and it helps it to make sense. Thank you...honestly thank you.

And by the way...the pink skirt is to die for! I am always one with an eye for prettiness!
Lou x

The enchanted home said...

Love that color, one that I think most people look amazing in it gives a little blush to the skin and makes everyone feel pretty. Will have to check out her blog.

Catherine Robinson said...

Beautiful illustrations...thank you for introducing her...I will drop by her blog!

under spanish moss said...

Fun designs and great illustrations. Have a wonderful evening!

Pippa said...

Thank you for the kind words Marsha and the feature! Fabulous blog, I am now following x

Tasha Anderson said...

Tres magnifique!

I love this Sass & Bide post and your blog!! I'd love for you to share this post today at