Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keep Calm...

dreamy, isn't it?

  I need your help with the following...
we are designing headbands for the upcoming
Fall & Evening Season.

I would like to know who would wear a flowered & feathered
headband, much more sleek & sophisticated (but not smaller)
than these...and not in white.
Would you?
And, if so...what size?

Carine Roitfeld
is she too old at 56-57 to wear this?
I mean, I would've probably worn it, cause it's beautiful &
I actually have good legs...but I would have had at least
a little mini underneath...and I know my hair would have
been done...

I seriously have to WORK!!
I've been waaaay too much into summer,
but NOW, it needs to be serious.
My blog began with fashion on my mind, then I expanded it
into jewelry, which has gone unmentioned for the most part.

My daughter & soon-to-be-son-in-law are taking me
on a birthday present cruise to Alaska, the inside passage
the 1st week of September, departing Seattle...

So back to work for me...
jewelry & other accessories design and
of course, my blogging...

Welcome to all of my new followers...
I am so happy to meet you !!



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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

SWEET MARSHA! Dearest, thank you for coming to my home. It has been a work in progress and the photos do not show the joy my home gives me. Part of the joy is knowing we did everything except the construction of the two new rooms.

NOW FOR THIS FASHION STATEMENT! I am 53 and I will wear anything that looks good on me. That fab dress WOULD NOT...so I am more into the Audrey Hepburn look; I like black, modest but ACCESSORIZED TO THE MAX with pearls and diamonds. Oh yes. I admit it. And hair? IT HAS TO BE DONE UP! The head bands are beautiful, but for my style I could not wear one. I wear glasses most of the time, my hair is short and it would not work for me, but many women, older like me who have long and fun hairdos would LOVE THIS!!!

THANK YOU DEAREST FOR VISITING....study your French!!!


The enchanted home said...

Exciting things happening for you....how fun to go on a cruise to Alaska!! Agree about Carrie though she looks young and obviously very fit, not feeling that look for her. Re headbands, use to wear them all the time, I do like the ones with flowers think they are so cute and so "Chanel like" but it cant be too big otherwise one might feel clownish. Love the ones you showed though. I know what you mean about getting into summer, but its such a short season we must take full advantage....enjoy!

Marina said...

Love the Keep Calm and Sparkle slogan ... so you Marsha!

Love the headbands ... but I personally wouldn't wear one. Every time I see someone wearing one, it looks real cute ... very feminine & girly. I mostly see teenagers or twenty somethings wearing them here in London.

As for Carine, never too old, but I agree with you about the mini.
Have a great week.

Wildernesschic said...

Oh I adore feathers.. they are so glamorous .. and fluffy they make you feel princess like yet naughty all at the same time xx

Karena said...

Hi Marsha, I am so excited to hear about your cruise!! You will have so much fun!

The answer is yes, I would wear a headpiece, love the one on the redhead! After the Royal wedding and following Kate, I thought about starting a fascinator headpiece business. The market just may not support it though.

Maybe you know that there are more fashionable women than I, however I live in a high demographic area.
Everyone is so casual!


Art by Karena

Gina said...

Hi Marsha, I like head bands...I'm wearing one right now, one I purchased from my Dr's. secretary...right from her head. It was so pretty, I had to have it. And it keeps may hair out of my face. I love all those that you pictured. For myself, I would keep them a little smaller.
Have fun on your cruise. Hopefully, we will see a few pictures upon your return.

Anonymous said...

way cool that you would wear such a gorgeous but daring little dress...and to have the nice legs to go with it..perfection..
love the idea of the headbands, too.

quintessence said...

Love that beautiful feathery capelet or shrug!! I love the idea of headbands but I look terrible in them. I somehow look like a beat-up 10 year old! I think Carine's dress looks like a beach cover up. It's not that she looks bad but rather that she's making a point of how she can wear it. It has nothing to do with her age - I wouldn't like it on anyone.

La Petite Gallery said...

I heard that that cruise is wonderful, have fun. Good time of year to be on the ocean, beat the heat! Renee had a great time, we talked about our blogging friends and you and Vicki and Julie. were two we both love. I'd do that train to Banff. I heard it is great fun, up to lake Louise.. Thanks for your comment.Waiting for new Laptop to get hooked up.. yvonne

La Petite Gallery said...

Heard that's a fabulous cruse.
Hope you enjoy it, Sept is a good time to be on the ocean. Cool!
Renee and I talked about the bloggers we both like and Marsha,
we both love you. Her trip was tooo short. Yvonne

Casa Très Chic said...

Enjoy your cruise, I'm sure you'll love it.
About Carine Roitfeld, this dress isn't for her, she is gorgeous, but I guess it's for someone younger.
Big hugs

Mary Ann said...

marsha, love your post on By The Sea, and the headbands, I think they are just classic accessories, a jeweled headbands~ even better! hope you had a fantastic time in your cruise. verbena cottage

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha, My dear! Anything you wear is impeccable! YOu are my fashion hero. I won't even begin to give you any help... I am such a fashion repeat! I tend to wear the same things.

Oh, Alaska is on my bucket list. How wonderful!!!!!
Lots of love coming your way!

Veronica said...

Hi Marsha. How exciting for you.. enjoy the cruise and relax to the max lady while you be calmn and sparkle.... Headbands ~ I love the third one you posted but for me on the short side it would have to be quite small and then with an updo for the hair and high heels to balance the lot.



under spanish moss said...

Congratulations on your trip to Alaska. We love the look of the headbands on others; however, not sure we would wear them. The key would be to keep it small, simple and elegant. You have great taste and will make it look fabulous.

LPC said...

Go Marsha! How fun they are taking you on a cruise. My mother actually wound up with a cruise with my brother, on his HONEYMOON:). And I love that first motto. I'm sparkling. Not a headband sort, but I'll sparkle forever, I hope.

Nuit said...

oh Alaska! yayyy!!!

I LOVE the headbands and I will wear them any size, love the one in the first picture. Very pretty!... as for the dress... I think she looks good but that is def something i wouldnt wear. would look awesome on you though being tall... and of course your hair would be done, it would be perfect!