Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Love....

from some of my favorite blogs

Cashmere Love,   find Catherine here
Privilege,  Lisa is here
StoneGable,  Yvonne is here
Marcus Designs,  find Nancy here
#21, Neutral Heaven,  find her here

please, try to visit these ladies, all have wonderful posts up today...

so many things going on, and only 2.5 weeks until we leave for our
family holiday cruise, so much to do which is definitely not done yet.
I'm rushing.  As always.

I appreciate so much all my followers 
and the lovely women who 
take time to comment.  

sending a big Texas hug your way...



  1. I've visited some of these sites before, but one or two are new to me, so I'll pop by.
    Of course, I wonder if your cruise will take you to Vancouver Island....

  2. Dear Marsha,
    I must go and visit these ladies.....any recommendation from you must be good.
    I won't wish you bon voyage yet as I'm sure that you will post before you go.
    Big UK hugs back to you. XXXX

  3. What fun! Slow down and enjoy. Savor all the beautiful moments you will encounter. Love and hugs! Anne

  4. Thanks for giving me something wonderful to do when I wake up tomorrow morning! Running out the door....

  5. love your music, Marsha; it's so serene and calming for this Sunday morning.

  6. Marsha..passed an award onto you today, stop off at my Sunday post to view...

  7. Going to check out these great blogs today. We love Yvonne's blog. Good luck preparing for your trip. XO Angela and Renee

  8. What a beautiful shot. It's pouring here so thank you for sending some sunshine. I'll try and stop by to visit everyone today!! All my video work put me way behind this week!!

  9. Oh Marsha!!!! So much eye candy here!!!!!!!!!I hope you have the best time.......On vacation!!!!Hope it makes you COOL!!!!Maryanne xo

  10. Why thank you ma'am! I am so honored to be included, and I hope you have a great vacation. Family cruises, in my experience, are wonderful.


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