Monday, June 4, 2012

The End of This Week.....

I am driving to Houston for a couple of mundane errands,
seeing my doctor, going to my wholesale stones dealer,
visiting friends and, of course, my son, DIL, and 2 young grandchildren....

my birthday is on the 10th & I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to have
people take me to dinner and shower me with gifts...right?

& I need a new photo of myself to put on the blog.

I think I need updating, you know?  not updating of myself, but of my photo.
life is casual now, not cocktail suits.

so as my son is a professional photographer perhaps I can prevail on him to bring
his gear along and take some new pics of me and the kids.

& maybe a new advertising still for my jewelry.

if he has time.

he has just told me that he & his wife are expecting twins at Christmas time!!!
their son is 4, the daughter not 2 yet, and then TWINS!!
but they are happy and that's all that counts, isn't it?

I have no girlfriends in the hill country, they are all in Houston or NYC &
I am LONELY without them.  I've discovered that isolation can be a severe form
of torture and brings on depression if you don't keep your guard up.

I do love it here, but I am also a city girl...& am missing the activities of being in the city.
I know you know.