Monday, June 4, 2012

"By Invitation Only" Chapter 10, june weddings theme

International Blog Party

welcome everyone to our 10th monthly post from this amazing group of talented women
from around the world.
list or participants located at the end of this post.
link for membership is just after that.

it's JUNE & our quite esoteric & brilliant member, 
Lisa @ Privilege
conceived our theme this month,
which is
weddings of any kind, any place, any time, old or new, ours or someone else's,
or the philosophy of weddings and all that goes with weddings,
so you see we can run far afield if we like.

Please welcome into the group our newest member
 Heather Robinson @ Lost in Arles,
her link is below,
another beautiful American writer living in France,
who has so much to offer all of us.

& so while this is probably more like me

I've discovered that the brides of today are more often going for the
destination weddings, most of the time in the countryside, but sometimes at
posh hotels around the world.  I thought I would do some exploring on this concept.

the tents below are reminiscent of my daughter's wedding in the Texas hill country,
1st the ceremony there
then walk down the way to a lovely & cozy restaurant for her 8-course reception dinner,
then walk back to the tent where it had been transformed into a dance/disco hall.
tent reception at night

& the countryside weddings which seem so charming you have to adore them,
look at these cakes, I would never have thought of this.

merribee venue sign

& their tablesettings...

there are even companies that rent "furnishings" for the outdoor venues, all in the
vintage style.

are the couples of today looking for a simpler way, are they missing the past, and
returning to what used to be?

does the digital media make it so much easier to DIY
with invitations, etc., maybe cutting the costs?

or is it just the fashion of the day?

Sainted Sister Blusher Veil

Cascading Goddess Gown

or, do you think that couples of today are simply expressing themselves, who they really are,
instead of complying with traditional weddings?

venue, Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara
flowers Jeff Leatham
definitely not a DIY, & this is an example of
"money is no object"

when asking friends to give their 1st thought on the wedding theme
they said



Bountiful Bliss Clutch
oh, I just had to do this...
BHLDN clutch $450

Splenderosa's $99

this cake completely captures me

perfect attire for a guest,
off the the hat if in the evening,
so so pretty...
Spicy Ginger Dress

& finally what I think is the perfect venue...
for weddings...
for birthdays...
for anniversaries...
for Christmas...
for vacations...
for living....

the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Hotel Caruso Belvedere

perfect reception location

LUXOR Champagne
the perfect wedding champagne, with floating edible 24K pure gold flakes

Pink Calla lilies, Pink Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

perfect gown

Vera Wang Farrah Dress

Sparkle Crystal Glass Transparent Bridal Shoes

perfect shoes, well...we're in Italy after all.....

Ned & a happy Marsha,  at a Mardi Gras Party 13 years ago when he asked me to marry him...

on our honeymoon that same year arriving back to the Carlton Hotel in Cannes
where we were staying.
isn't he the "sharp dressed man" of ZZ Top's song?

wedding, June 5, 1999


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FIFI FLOWERS artist with Parisian flair 
DUSTJACKET ATTIC, Debra in Australia
VICKI ARCHER an Australian in France
FRANCINE GARDNER a woman of the world in NYC blog
KAREN MALAN UK Pas Grand-Chose Blog http://athousandmiles-k.blogspot


Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW! that cake is FABULOUS! Lots of eye candy, here, Marsha and thanks.

martinealison said...

Oh dommage que les 2 dernières photos ne s'affichent pas! Je vous souhaite ma chère Marsha un très heureux anniversaire de mariage.
Que de merveilleuses photos pour illustrer l'évènement du mariage.
Je vous fais de gros bisous

dustjacket said...

Wonderful and yes ... the Amalfi Coast of Italy would be perfect!!!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness Marsha. I can't imagine a more beautiful place for a wedding, and I love the yellow dress and the cake!
Beautiful post.

Ann said...

Gorgeous- each one, Marsha!
As I prepared for this subject, I realized we probably have enough photos for a book. Where does one even begin?

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Oh Marsha, Fabulous as always...every single image...but please check and see what the problem is with the images of you and your husband at the end. they are just blank boxes XO, Mona.

vicki archer said...

Marsha, This is beautiful...
Please re-load your last images...I want to see you....

Lost in Provence said...

Me too! Those last two are the most important. :) And as for the Amalfi Coast? Yes, please.

Marsha, thank you so much for your kind words. I am thrilled to be participating today!

Mrs A said...

All so beautiful! The amalfi coast is stunning, of course!

Catherine Robinson said...

A beautiful post, as always dear Marsha...the Amalfi coast now that is a dream setting for a wedding.
See you in September ;-)

Caroline said...

Definately The Amalfi Coast - beautiful. Would love to see your photos - they did not make their way to Australia either!

The enchanted home said...

Oooh la la! Love it all...the Amalfi coast, that cake and that wedding....all total perfection! I so agree on your thoughts about weddings, I think today people are not afraid to express how they want it to be, and not feeling so pressured to comply to certain expected types of affairs, I love it and how fun it would be to be doing it all over again (with the same guy)! Love this Marsha...such gorgeous inspiration! I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with, fun theme!

The enchanted home said...

PS Meant to say the dress, its a YES for me!

Francine Gardner said...

We are both June brides! I love weddings...I actually celebrated 2 weddings in my house, my dearest friend was married in our house and we both planned the grand beautiful affair, under torrential rains, flooded courtyard, but a little miracle happened and she said yes on a clear sunset. One of the first same sex marriage was celebrated in my house in connecticut, my designer Greg married his loved one on a snowy December day. Your affair is so incredibly beautiful and glamourous, i once attended an incredibly glamorous wedding in japan where i learned how to curtsy...the wedding lasted 3 days and was exhausted at the end. The four Season would be my venue if i could do it over again, just love this amazing photograph. Well done, once again, my dear you can relax and enjoy all these beautiful fantasy weddings...

Victoria said...

Love Heather. She is SUCH a good writer. This post is lovely; the gowns, the table settings, your clutch, the cake, all fabulous. My son had a rather simple wedding outdoors in the hill country of Texas under a gazebo covered with wisteria, overlooking a vast lake. It set the romantic mood. I like a wedding like this that is, to me, more contemporary and realistic economically. Not like the "Goodbye Columbus" wedding I had the first time around. Don't judge. It was the sixties. My only sadness is the two pictures of you and Ned did not download. I would have loved to see them. And, yes, the ideal location is the Amalfi coast, no matter what the occasion.
XO Victoria

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Thank you Marsha for hosting another wonderful party, but please put up those last pictures, we so want to see you and your husband! Love your shots of the Amalfi coast!

Splenderosa said...

Everyone, I've now reloaded those last 2 images. So so sorry. Hope you get to see them.

vicki archer said...

PS... Love the photos... So chic... You both look sensational... xv

Henhurst Interiors said...

Gorgeous photos of you, Marsha!

Shari Valicenti said...

Loved all your beautiful pictures, but my favorites were of you and your husband....what a handsome couple you both make!

Tish Jett said...

Thank you Marsha. Thank you. You create magic. You are a wonderful, wonderful friend.

What a beautiful post.


Creations By Cindy said...

All these pictures are breathtaking! I am in love with the cake! Love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

carolyn bradford said...

It is all so beautiful but my favorite pics are of you and your husband! They are wonderful! I also love the tent at the beginning! I always wanted my daughter to have a big beautiful tent but because of the heat we ended up creating the "effect" at the Country Club and it was stunning, I must admit! In fact, you've given me a good idea for a post since their 3rd Anniversary is in 2 weeks! Have a wonderful week!

Brunie said...

This is beyond beautiful...and Italy of My Dreams...
I am marrying an Italian man and looking for ideas,
this is special, so touching. I love everything
.....and especially your own pictures.

I, too, am in Love with That Magic-Green Cake......

From the Heart.....Brunie

Entertaining Women said...

I could live at the Belle Vue Syrene. Beautiful. The cake is splendid. Lovely post. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

M77355 said...

Reading your posts are always an opportunity to say, "Ahhhhhhh!" I'll forward this on to daughter as she is planning 'vintage Texas' wedding for fall. I can only imagine the plans these photos will stir up. Although you are probably farther removed from Houston than I am, I also make an effort to go into town or have friends out to keep those 'life-saving' friendships strong! Wishing you wonderful memories in this year ahead to celebrate June 5th, 2013 <3 <3 <3 Michele

quintessence said...

All so beautiful - but my favorite part is seeing you and Ned - what an incredibly chic and happy couple!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

My dear friend Marsha,
What a wonderful post, encapsulating all that is a wedding. Your images are beautiful, especially the ones of you and Ned......I nearly used the one of the cake myself !
It has been such fun being part of BIO and I look forward to more in September.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

These are marvelous!
Nothing I love much more than weddings!
We have a wonderful one to attend in August and I'm already planning which hat to wear!
Duchess of Cambridge, watch your back!

christina @ greige said...

Absolutely lovely as always! Thank you again!


Designs By Pinky said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post! I love weddings and all that goes with it. Our daughter's wedding 2 years ago was the best day of my life (after HAVING the children of course)!!! She got married outside, on the water then had a FUN reception at a gorgeous restaurant. It all went TOO quickly! I loved all your images, and you and your husband look fabulous! You are BOTH great dressers!!!! XO, Pinky

cindy hattersley design said...

Positively beautiful! I believe the trend is toward a more personal wedding. My daughter got married at our home outdoors last September and she was involved in every single aspect!

Blue Muse said...

As always, Marsha, your post is incredible and filled with such beauty. I absolutely love the photos of you and your Ned. xoxo isa

designchic said...

Oh, I do love a wedding, Marsha and all styles. These images are all so beautiful, but I especially love seeing you and Ned handsome couple you are!!

Deborah said...

Why, yes, he IS a sharped dressed man! And you "got legs and know how to use them". Sorry, hippie child here...couldn't resist. What a beautiful post. I hopped over from Isa's blog and ever so happy I did.

Coty Farquhar said...

Hi Gorgeous Marsha,
I'm so sorry I'm a little late for the wedding... and what a wonderful wedding post you have here Marsha!
Such a fabulous theme, everyone loves a wedding....
Great photograph of you.... beautiful!!


The enchanted home said... goodness you are a STUNNER!!!!!!!!! Look at you two, just like two glamorous celebs. Stunning pictures, my favorites being the ones of the two of you.....

Lost in Provence said...

Hooray! I am so glad that I came back to see your photos--I was right, they ARE the best part. What a beautiful couple!!!!

I am still taking my time to visit all of the lovely, lovely posts. So happy to be a part of it and I am amazed by the incredible responses that people have left. Such wonderful, heart-felt stories.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Thank you of your comment!!!'
Oh, I was commenting here the other day and a little one interrupted me so it never went thru!
I love these posts! And I LOVE weddings... if I could do ANYTHING in the world (besides get the chance to sing professionally) it would be to plan weddings. When we have our farm someday with our barn I hope to host the chic-est farm weddings anyone has ever seen! You and Vanessa will have to come and help me :)
You look wonderful in those photos... Sharp Dressed Man is such a great song - he looks the part!
Love Much!
PS - Your up on the Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine advertiser page - with link!

Veronica said...

Where to start?? That image of the mirror and dresses...just breatktaking ~ loving that cake as well!!! But,the biggest treat is seeing absolutely gorgeous YOU and Ned!! Fab pic of you the two of you infront of the hotel ~ beautifully attired and chic! Of course you and I are on the same coast of lovilesness in Amalfi but I am just down the road in Positano ~ so romantic!!

Thank you for hosting us all dearest Marsha! It has been such fun and I am looking forward to the next one...

Sending Love and Hugs



Fifi Flowers said...

FAB wedding post... FUN to know we have the same wedding anniversary... Happy Anniversary to you too!