Monday, June 4, 2012

The End of This Week.....

I am driving to Houston for a couple of mundane errands,
seeing my doctor, going to my wholesale stones dealer,
visiting friends and, of course, my son, DIL, and 2 young grandchildren....

my birthday is on the 10th & I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to have
people take me to dinner and shower me with gifts...right?

& I need a new photo of myself to put on the blog.

I think I need updating, you know?  not updating of myself, but of my photo.
life is casual now, not cocktail suits.

so as my son is a professional photographer perhaps I can prevail on him to bring
his gear along and take some new pics of me and the kids.

& maybe a new advertising still for my jewelry.

if he has time.

he has just told me that he & his wife are expecting twins at Christmas time!!!
their son is 4, the daughter not 2 yet, and then TWINS!!
but they are happy and that's all that counts, isn't it?

I have no girlfriends in the hill country, they are all in Houston or NYC &
I am LONELY without them.  I've discovered that isolation can be a severe form
of torture and brings on depression if you don't keep your guard up.

I do love it here, but I am also a city girl...& am missing the activities of being in the city.
I know you know.



The Silver Bunny said...

Hi, Marsha ! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. You're lucky to have a professional photographer as a son ; it's difficult choosing a picture to put up on your blog. I've solved the problem by showing a rabbit !

Lost in Provence said...

I so do know! I really, really do. And you KNOW that I do too! Is it beautiful here? Absolutely. But do I miss NYC and my friends there? Uh, yep.

My immediate thought was to ask your son to take your photo! I know that for me having my picture taken is like having my teeth pulled so when at least it is someone that I know and care for pulling the trigger, I mean shutter, it helps. Just as long as captures that sparkle in your eyes. :) A mighty congratulations to him, his family and YOU!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I know the feeling about being alone and feeling isolated and I feel your pain. Go to the city and capture the excitement that only a city can provide and have fun and do girly stuff.

Congratulations to your son & his wife on their upcoming twins. Wow. Two Christmas presents. I never had children, so it's hard to imagine twins and a 2 and 4 year old. No one will be lonely in that household (smile).

martinealison said...

Bonjour Marsha,
Mes félicitations pour cette heureuse nouvelle avec la future naissance des jumeaux chez votre fils.
Je sens une certaine inquiétude toutefois et je le comprends. J'ai eu 4 enfants, pas de jumeaux mais très rapprochés en âge. Ce n'était pas facile tous les jours...
Mais je pense que lorsqu'on est jeune on ne voit pas les choses de la même manière. On fonce! mais c'est bien, vous verrez!...
J'aime beaucoup la campagne, mais j'ai besoin de sentir la ville et mes amies pas trop loin.
J'espère que vos copines pourront venir vous rendre une petite visite...
Je vous fais de gros bisous.
La photo est très jolie.

Talia said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini! (mine is the 13th!)

I understand completely. Head to the city and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Soak it all in and then savor on the return trip.

Congrats to your son and daughter in law. What exciting news!

Enjoy your travels - be safe!

The enchanted home said...

Happy birthday beautiful lady! My husbands bday is also in June, special people are born in June:) My dad too!
Congrats on the exiting news of twins at Christmas! Wonderful news.......enjoy your viist and so agree about isolation, on occasion I crave it and enjoy and cherish it but also am a people person and theres nothing like the laughter and joy of being with a good friend or those you love.

Henhurst Interiors said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday and a wonderful time in Houston, Marsha!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

TWINS?!?! How absolutely wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you. Hope you will have an awesome birthday, too, sweet TX friend!!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Twins--you are doubly blessed! Let us know how those photos turn out--that could be really fun having a photo shoot like that!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Twins! What wonderful news! I cannot wait to see your new photos! I am sure that your son will love to take the photos.

Happy Birthday!

Could not agree more about needing to be around family, and girlfriends!

Have a great week! Thank you so much for putting me on your blog roll! You are so sweet.