Wednesday, February 20, 2013's coming....+

a new Houston publication brought to us by the brilliant interior designer, 
Pam Pierce

you absolutely must see the new Veranda magazine as it features her own home in
a beautiful editorial.

and, as usual Veranda has a sumptuous issue packed with beautiful homes and gardens.

I even love the way they lay out their ads with their editorial content in the
front of the magazine.

to subscribe to Milieu's quarterly issues for only $19
please go HERE

Joni @ Cote d'Texas did a lovely post on Milieu a few days ago,
also Mona @ Providence & couple of other bloggers...
but as it's a HOUSTON publication I feel like I get to brag a bit.


& speaking of bragging, we are so lucky to have seen this necklace at market,

Crystal Teardrops 20" at shortest point
comes in gold & silver
$ 80 ea

just imagine how much fun you could have with these pieces, layered on top of a plain white tee,
jeans and a blazer, worn with a Spring/Summer dress, etc. etc. etc.

they will be in at the end of next week,
to pre-order please email us

we will send you a PayPal invoice, and yours will be first out the door.