Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do Women Dress Like This Any Longer?

I composed this post about a month ago, not certain when I would actually post it to my blog.
Interestingly enough, today as I flipped through the March Vogue I came across a
major editorial piece entitled
"Strong & Sexy Suits, To Rome With Love"
photographed beautifully by Mario Testino (who else?)

Do Women Dress Like This Any Longer?
& if they do, where are they?

just wondering, because this is just so beautiful it's hard for me not to think
of wearing it.

Or, is it because I've worn it that I feel this way?

(via grey)

would you younger ones feel pretentious?
would you feel you were not part of the pack?
does it look like your mother's clothes?

imagine being in NYC or San Francisco or Chicago,
it's cold, you're wearing a winter coat & boots, with the
fur thrown around the shoulders of your coat,
upon arriving for lunch the coat goes off and the fur piece
goes over the suit.

to me it's simply beautiful
(& practical too).

or how about this beauty below?

Ralph Lauren

and if we won't wear the above,

is this, below, the new iteration of the classic suit?

D&G fabulous X10

to tell you the truth, I am NOT a jeans girl,
never have been, never will be.
I know, I know.  EVERYONE wears them, they're IN!

but I prefer the greater elegance of a beautiful slim trouser which wears
like iron, doesn't wrinkle, doesn't pick up lint, always looks perfect
(like Escada or Ralph Lauren, because of the fabrics).

jeans and my behind are not friends.

seeing all the Fall 2013 runway shows makes me take heart,
most of the major designers in New York are showing suits,
like Zac Posen, Donna Karan & DVF, 
with proper hosiery and unmatching shoes with LOWER heels.

so it's looking good..

anyway, how about it?
do you ever see anyone "dressed" like the top 2 photos any more?



therelishedroost said...

I love that classic chic style! Imagine women dressing like women again... what a concept!
Great post!
xo Karolyn

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Um, Marsha, I'm not part of the pack because I'm out in front. -smile-
To church on Sunday, I wore a dress, dark blue Timberland boots, mink coat, pearls, gloves, hat and cashmere scarf.
Today, to luncheon Bible study, I wore a red Laura Ashley coat, denim skirt with cotton petticoat peeking out, black linen blouse, Ariat ankle boots and two scarves.
I am totally unaware there's a box, anywhere.

Splenderosa said...

I wish, I wish. Everything is too casual for me these days, especially the behaviors of some of our guests from other countries, who don't know our customs, but also from the younger set...where have the manners gone? So casualness lends itself to unacceptable behaviors too.

Splenderosa said...

I know you looked stunning, Sandra !
Kudos to you, babycakes.

Francine Gardner said...

These are so elegant! I wish I could dress like this... I do dress up everyday but somehow not to that level of elegance. Also, I gave my fur coats away, devoured by guilt... but that is purely a personal thing, not a statement.

Splenderosa said...

Ahhhh, Francine, I feel the same about the coats, but I do love the fur flings still. Draping them over a lovely coat just does it for me. But, I probably won't ever buy another one, you know?

Tamera Beardsley said...

Given the chance i would wear these in a heartbeat.... they make mine truly beat faster! What an exceptional eye for elegance you have!

Splenderosa said...

Welcome Tamera! Thank you for this lovely comment. Coming from you it means so much, the lady of style that you are. Big hug from Texas....

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I would love to dress like that, but unfortunately it doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore. Gosh how I miss black tie parties :) However, I do dress up more than most of my friends. I am wondering, is is okay today to wear a real fur stole or is faux fur only acceptable?

Glamour Drops said...

Absolutely! I am off to a meeting in a moment, and am wearing a vintage chiffon dress, pale pink broderie anglaise gloves, pale pink heels, a straw handbag and ropes of pearls. Luckily, my clients, suppliers & builders are not surprised by such outfits, but rather expect them. Most days I wear hats, or gloves, or scarves - sometimes all 3. And happily, here in Melbourne it is not at all unusual for women to be dressed to the nines, with such elegance as your images, but in the next moment for them to wear jeans & colourful blouses. That is the joy of fashion now, I think, that you can mix it all up as per whim. As for occasion, is there ever a greater occasion than simply being alive each day? That is something to dress up for!

But as for the fur - uh no! Would never wear fur, even vintage, because even though the animal is long dead, wearing it condones it. I have recently decided not to wear leather shoes either - and oh my goodness that is a much harder challenge. xx

Splenderosa said...

Some people will disagree, but if it's cold there is nothing like fur. Wear it.

Splenderosa said...

Virginia, you sound like an amazing woman, dressed to the 9's. Such a lovely outfit, I know. And, Melbourne sounds like my kind of city. I LOVE your attitude about occasion and living life, love it! Welcome to our group, too...By Invitation Only. We are so fortunate you've accepted.

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Firstly, thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comments over at mine Marsha. Your last sentence really brought a lump to my throat; you are an angel!
OK, back to glamour. I LOVE the second image. Funnily enough in Spain (where I spend part of the year) women of all ages have no problem draping themselves in real fur, as standard attire, during the Winter, and they always looked so polished and pulled together. The women you do see wearing furs are never in jeans either ;-) I was quite surprised when I moved to Spain just how many young women wear real fur in the Winter. I'm too scared to do so in London as you just never know when you are going to be accosted by an animal activist. But in Spain I did splurge on a real fur gilet; it was as far as I could go without feeling conspicuous xx

Splenderosa said...

Vannessa, the 2nd image is me, totally me. Yes, in Texas we dress waaaay up. Fur is everywhere in the shows, and I do love just a touch, like your gilet.

Catherine Robinson said...

So beautiful and so elegant....sadly, I don't think women do dress like this anymore, Marsha...when you go to the theatre in London you're over dressed in a trouser suit...I use to feel uncomfortable because I had dressed well, how crazy is that?
Thanks for dropping by today, lovely to hear from you.


I used to dress like the one in the pants in NYC in the 70's, I also worked in fashion, so it was a great era for that! Now, I do try to wear lots of skirts and dresses with little swaters...in a more relaxed and casual fashion, not like before..wish those days came back. I don't like the cheap look young women have now. I wore lots of felt hats in NYC in the winter. Original made in Italian and French cloths, as well as original bags..not cheap copies made in China like today; I loved it! Big hugs pretty lady.

Splenderosa said...

I guess those of us fortunate enough to work in fashion were totally immersed into the glamourous world...which was not so bad, was it?

helen tilston said...

Hello Marsha

The second outfit is superb and I love the first one too. I would wear in a heartbeat.
My father always said: "do not dress for yourself but out of respect for all you will meet today"

Anonymous said...

How fun is this! I have always been a "dressy person!!"" (we were going to all "rollerblade to breakfast" (this is 35 years ago; and my new stepdaughters came out; (12 and 13); and my daughter 8; My stepdaughters (by the way, all these years later the word "step never enters my mind!)

we are going rollerblading and my eldest stepdaughter says......."You are wearing that to rollerblade to breakfast???"

"You are really a 'dressy' person!!

That is it!!

I am a dressy person; proud of it! I don't follow trends in decorating or fashion! I get lots of compliments (I will be 66 on Saturday or Sunday; I don't dye my hair anymore (sheesh! I started turning grey at 18!!!)

the way other people dress for things is irrelevant for me!

Interesting; I get compliments all the time. I think people like seeing others get "dressed up"! Not in a pretentious way; but making an effort to look nice!

Does it have to with age? Maybe!

I love your blog! You raise so many interesting questions; and you have so many interesting readers!!


I am sure that is one thing I ADORE about Texan women! They are warm, they are funny, and they DRESS UP!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh I have to add! This is probably in my DNA!! Growing up; my mother had "black tie" dinner parties for 12-14 every single Friday night in the most beautiful dining room! ( OUr house was a copy of an Italian villa outside Florence circa 1700) this house was built in the early 1930's in Pasadena California!)
That was a really good idea! They copied classical houses in Europe! Great idea now abandoned; I am afraid!

then who knows what! the McMansions spread over the land........oh dear!

I adore your blog!! You bring all the important things! Family, love, animals, warmth, beauty and taste!

And I adore the new dog!
I like seeing people making an effort to look nice to go to dinner!



La Petite Gallery said...

There are two here I would wear, I miss
Hats and gloves and FURS.

Sally said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I yearn for the days when fashion was worn beautifully. Classic designs with superior fabrics.

HeartWings said...

Fabulous post, Marsha! I love the fashion. Being a native Houston girl as well, we always dressed. Years of living in NYC and working in the beauty industry, it was a must! You've made me want to get out of my jeans, which I have in every color of the rainbow and put my high heels on. Love the furs, the looks in general. Love, love Ralph Lauren's new line that embraces Anna Karenina. Femininity needs to make a comeback! Melissa Lee

eleni said...

Oh, my, the photographs took my breath away. I am in my 70's and did indeed wear lots of suits and fur in my hey day.... Your blog is so elegant and interesting every single day. I just may have to pick up the pace re my "comfort" wardrobe. Thank you, Marsha, you just made my day.

Cindy Albert said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. They are a celebration of femininity. As women we are so lucky that, at least in this country, we can wear whatever we choose. We have come a long way and to be able to express ourselves with what we wear is a great blessing.

Here in southern California we are probably the most casual group of people anywhere. We take our sports and exercise very seriously. Some of the most stylish women I see have great fitting yoga pants or knit leggings and great leather boots.

As far as fur goes, for me it would have to be faux.

My last blog post was about "Clothes make the (Wo)Man." It was really my way of turning the conversation to great closets.

Your posts are always beautiful and thought provoking.


zanetastyle said...

OK you hit my cup of tea! Or what ever you say in English to express that this is just the subject I am passionate about!
I hate wearing jeans....yes very strong feeling here ...but to me they look like one should wear them when working in the construction business...even horseriding should be the sexy tight riding pants instead of jeans!
And I love suits or blazers LOTS. I wear silk and tweed and all that jazz to the playground with my toddler and at home...too. I love fur...and would wear it...but of course I am not 20 yrs old...either...I love how you can push the buttons of people...Yes i wish women dress better around me...so I can get inspired from the real world...like back home in Prague...it is a competitite sport there...women admire each other and want to look great for the other women...not just men!!! Anyways, Calgary is a lost case. (:

The other day I wore my purple fox hat and some people say...I love it...and some are laughing...but I love the reactions either way...the ones who laugh are usualy wearing jeans and bad clothes in general...oh well...
Your posts with fashion are inspiring ... you have great style Marsha! Sometimes I am fashion friends "starved" in this town but can't have it all!

hugs Z

Splenderosa said...

Eleni, what a lovely comment! Our hey day is any day we wish it to be. Sometimes I surprised myself when I turn a plain black outfit into a dynamite ensemble by adding the awesomeness of great accessories.

vicki archer said...

The top image is gorgeous... if i could I would dress like that every day... I wish...;)
I do love a suit though... xv

VM Creation Atelier said...


What can I say?....I think,you know it!:-)*

I do ADORE this grey one outfit,just breathtaking nice and I do LOVE suits very much!
And truly,I wish I can wear every day suit with a high heels shose:-)))*

And Donna Karan F/W 2013 collection is one of my faves in NY fashion week,really stunning,LOVE SO much details there from!!!

Sending you my hugs,


Nella said...

Oh Marsha, I can't believe how timely this post is ! I just returned from Sarasota, Florida, I was attending the opening of the opera Turandot...and this absolutely gorgeous woman, perhaps in her late 60's walked by with her tuxedoed escort, husband? She was wearing a beautiful black sheath, stiletto's with jewelled heels, and casually thrown over her shoulders, a stunning black fox...she was turning heads! I loved it...glamour is alive and well, dear Marsha ! You are spot on! N.xo

Splenderosa said...

Oh, yes, in the South glamour is definitely alive & well. Naples & Sarasota are especially well-known for their high style.

The enchanted home said...

OMG that first outfit...AMAZING! They all are...and love you Marsha because I too am not a jeans girl....rarely wear them anymore and would opt for classic pair of pants anyday! I so wish more people dressed this way more often, I do enjoy getting glammed up every now and then and when I do I go full out..but you just dont' see it being done often enough in my book:)

Parthenope said...

Yes I would ! The first outfit is wonderful. Who 's the designer ? I live in Northern Italy and many women here wear fur, often in quite a casual way - a short mink jacket over black trousers and a black rollneck. It looks fabulous and it's practical.