Wednesday, February 20, 2013's coming....+

a new Houston publication brought to us by the brilliant interior designer, 
Pam Pierce

you absolutely must see the new Veranda magazine as it features her own home in
a beautiful editorial.

and, as usual Veranda has a sumptuous issue packed with beautiful homes and gardens.

I even love the way they lay out their ads with their editorial content in the
front of the magazine.

to subscribe to Milieu's quarterly issues for only $19
please go HERE

Joni @ Cote d'Texas did a lovely post on Milieu a few days ago,
also Mona @ Providence & couple of other bloggers...
but as it's a HOUSTON publication I feel like I get to brag a bit.


& speaking of bragging, we are so lucky to have seen this necklace at market,

Crystal Teardrops 20" at shortest point
comes in gold & silver
$ 80 ea

just imagine how much fun you could have with these pieces, layered on top of a plain white tee,
jeans and a blazer, worn with a Spring/Summer dress, etc. etc. etc.

they will be in at the end of next week,
to pre-order please email us

we will send you a PayPal invoice, and yours will be first out the door.



Francine Gardner said...

love the necklace..diamond?
Would like to pre order the silver one..please send me pay pal invoice XO francine

martinealison said...

Quels magnifiques colliers...
Gros bisous

Acquired Objects said...

I've already ordered my subscription to Milieu and can't wait for it. OK you're probably wondering why I don't order your jewelry. I think it's fabulous, stunning and works with so many outfits but the truth of the matter is I live in the country and don't dress up much. I'm usually in outdoor gear ready to hike or do some kind of work. When we do go out to one of our two restaurants it's usually jeans and a sweater and then I just wear earrings. It's simply my lifestyle I don't see people much.


VM Creation Atelier said...


The second one piece is mostly my fav.:-)))*

When I look outside I see ALL huge nice images because of Spring time coming soon!!!
And I know,this issue Veranda sould be wonderful addition to all gardeners....


Splenderosa said...

Debra, lots of my girlfriends, good friends, only wear a certain type of jewelry, which is not what I sell. We all have our own styles. The most important thing to me is that we are friends, even though virtual. Sometimes I will go for days and not wear one piece of jewelry. I can relate. I hear what you're saying. xx's

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Once again, you feed my dreams, my friend!

The enchanted home said...

Even though I am not a big online magazine reader, this one looks like one I may have to make an exception for! Love the necklaces too...pretty pretty!

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous Marsha... and Veranda is always such a pleasure... xv