Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My New Fall Outfit

over time I've realized that "my style" doesn't vary too much from year to year.

the elegant classics with an edge is what I call it.

when I saw the new Escada collection for Fall 2013 this was the 1st outfit
I knew I couldn't live without.

leather top, leather skirt, just a tone off from each other,
skinny belt...it all looks so put together, so neat & tidy.

lots of different shoe and bag options,
as well as jewelry.
& imagine with that huge leopard-print poncho/ruana?
or the fitted double-breasted brown cardigan?

well, anyway, you get it...
I ordered this 1 new thing for Fall,
something that will be in my closet for years to come.

now a little about Escada...
they use only the best fabrics...seriously.
when you wear their clothes they look wonderful, never wrinkling, never getting rump-sprung,
or knee bags.
for me, this is very very important, maybe the most important, as I can't stand
outfits that look rumpled after wearing for a few hours.  you know?

I have travelled around the world wearing Escada on planes, trains, automobiles
and know when I step out the door my outfit will look exactly like it did when I put it on.
I won't. But the outfit will !

you know the old saying:
when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping !
works every time.


many many thanks to everyone who called, emailed or left comments about
my previous post, all of that means so much to me.
girlfriends...simply the best things ever


on another note entirely regarding the demise of GOOGLE READER,

Google actually knew what they were doing.
the same information as we had on "READER"

go to your blogger dashboard page, where you find 
stats, layouts, etc., where you edit your blog post...
wait for a few seconds and your entire reading list will populate
underneath all the regular information.