Monday, July 29, 2013

Taking Advantage + GIVEAWAY WINNER


is the winner of the 3-Strand Pearl Necklace,
Katie, please get in touch with me as I need your address.


today is not a happy day for me as I suddenly realize that
my relationships with both friends & family
have gotten out of hand.

it is very clear to me that I have 2 situations going on which are making me sad.

& I cannot do much about either one of them.

members of my own family are really stressing me out by continually asking me to
take care of their responsibilities with either 3 giant dogs or my 2 precious grandchildren.
please understand, I would do anything necessary for them,
but none of this is necessary, it's just convenient for them to call me rather than
handle the situations without me.

the other one is a dear dear friend to whom much is indebted by me.
however.  the friend asks for advice which is deemed AN IMPORTANT ISSUE,
and then shares what I've said with everyone else on the planet.
of course, someone is bound to disagree, especially if it means I've suggested ways
they might do their jobs more efficiently.
then I'm in hot water.

well, there you have it...& I've answered my own questions haven't I?

just say no.

& don't give advice.

the serious problem is that I am a giver, and the others are takers.
big time takers.

and I know this.  but I cannot just walk off.

what to do, what to do.

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