Saturday, May 31, 2014

One of Our Neighbors....


all via Joni Webb, a fellow Houstonian, of the fabulous blog

this home is quite literally right down the street from us,
however, this is where the similarity ends...
a brilliant interpretation of the Country French style...
it definitely requires a good look from my readers too.

Joni's post is here

with all the photos & a floorplan,
+ the real estate listing,
the home is going to be OPEN
tomorrow, I think I'll just run down there
for my own personal preview...lots and lots and lots
of really great & beautiful ideaw for anyone who
loves beautiful and also practical.

wait, did I say practical?
that word usually never enters my mind...
I am the original woman who puts beauty
& presentation over everything else.


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  1. I love looking insides people's homes. So much so that I fear the restraining order. ;-) This one really appeals to me. I am all about light, airy, and neutral these days.


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