Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Planting of Bare-Root Climbing Roses, My Own

with much advice from Elizabeth @ HenHouse and her friend & mine, Penelope Bianchi,
& inspiration from Brooke Gianetti's new gardens,
I decided to plant climbing roses in the front of our home.

beauties with this absolutely beautiful pale apricot/white bud

these pics taken by me yesterday showing little buds already forming on
3 out of the 6 bushes.

2 weeks after planting!!!

I bought these on-line because it is way too late in the season to find 
this kind of rose in Houston.

they arrived by overnight delivery,
little sticks with thorns,
their roots covered with damp peat moss.

I really didn't know what to expect.

but the gardener followed the directions, with diagrams, precisely...
we did everything as they told us to do...
and now I am just so so happy.

2 weeks of growing.

I think they are gonna make it.

what say you?

(as you can see from these photos I am the world's worth photographer)