Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Planting of Bare-Root Climbing Roses, My Own

with much advice from Elizabeth @ HenHouse and her friend & mine, Penelope Bianchi,
& inspiration from Brooke Gianetti's new gardens,
I decided to plant climbing roses in the front of our home.

beauties with this absolutely beautiful pale apricot/white bud

these pics taken by me yesterday showing little buds already forming on
3 out of the 6 bushes.

2 weeks after planting!!!

I bought these on-line because it is way too late in the season to find 
this kind of rose in Houston.

they arrived by overnight delivery,
little sticks with thorns,
their roots covered with damp peat moss.

I really didn't know what to expect.

but the gardener followed the directions, with diagrams, precisely...
we did everything as they told us to do...
and now I am just so so happy.

2 weeks of growing.

I think they are gonna make it.

what say you?

(as you can see from these photos I am the world's worth photographer)



VM Creation Atelier said...

They looks SO,SO,SO beautiful,Marsha!!!
Oh,I adore roses so much,that I can't describe it!
And these treasures I think should be very,very good:)))*
This color is just soft,delicate and adorable!!!


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Les roses fascinent et ensorcèlent... Les vôtres ont aussi ce pouvoir...

♡ Gros bisous ♡

LPC said...

I say gardening is good for the soul and the planet, usually. Neem oil mind you, no toxic chemicals:).

designchic said...

I adore climbing roses, Marsha and can hardly wait to see them as they grow - gorgeous color!

Anonymous said...

Gardens best friend the Rose no matter what you do to them they aim to please. We have about about 15 roses in our small yard the humidity seems to have a bad effect on them. Now yours look like they have a great start before you know it you will be putting them in vases around your home...enjoy. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS I love looking at rose catalogues but not allowed to buy anymore.

carolyn bradford said...

Nothing is prettier than climbing roses! My Cecile Brunner roses are my favorite! What is the name of this one? And you are NOT a bad photographer!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Love your description - little sticks with thorns ... gorgeous now!

Jennifer Connolly said...

It looks like they will absolutely "make it"! Good for you. Looking forward to seeing them as they grow! xoJennifer

Glamour Drops said...

What a wonderful outcome Marsha. I so adore roses…have always planted millions of them but am struggling to get them to flower in my current garden because it is so shady. Looks like you have found the perfect spot for yours.

What variety is it?

Flora Fascinata said...

Gorgeous, Marsha!! Your beautifully little buds are doing well. Love cherishing the 'small things'. Xx

La Petite Gallery said...

I have only bought a few plants on line, no luck. I am amazed about these roses..
Keep me posted. yvonne

La Contessa said...

How DIVINE! MUST tell us which ROSE this is!They will be small at first, but with your heat will grow fast.........a slow drip underneath to really saturate them is best.........only water in the early AM or late afternoon!I am excited as you are to see them grow!

Colleen Taylor said...

They are beautiful little babies Marsha. I'm certain this time next year you will have prolific climbing roses to show & just think of the wonderful scent to bring into your home.