Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So Smartly Ralph...

nobody does it better,
makes me feel sad for the rest.
nobody does it quite so good,
Mr. Ralph Lauren you're the best!

Resort 2015
shades of things to come...

so take your summer fashion ques today from
what he's showing for next year.

you don't need anything else, he says.

hop over to style.com here

to see the entire show

of course, it quintessentially Ralph, what more is there to say?



VM Creation Atelier said...

YES,it is,Marsha!
Ralph Lauren admire me always because of most elegant,feminine and sexy,super comfortable and just absolutely stunning in the same time style!
Totally in AWE with his Resort 2015 collection!


Barbara Novello said...

oh my amazingly beautiful is all I can say.....

Maryanne The Garden said...

White with black polka-a-dots have always made me weak in the knees! "Feminine Whimsy" I call it.


PS . love the green glamour at the top of the post. Stunning!

The Permanent Tourist said...

I absolutely love all things Ralph Lauren....this is all so stunning! Thanks for sharing Marsha...you've given me something beautiful to look at while I'm in the hospital!

Sally said...

Oh so gorgeous Marsha......You are absolutely right, nobody does it better than Ralph ( or possibly you )
Navy and white was the mantra of my mother, and with gold it is a wow..I have loved this look forever
I think that now is good..I cant wait till 2015!!