Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Definitely WORTH the Trouble

but, first a note:
50% off merchandise in my shop
IF it is still available.

see previous post for details,
just scroll down to find it.

most of you know I don't cook often any more,
so I definitely do not bake often..
however, there are a couple of parties I'm attending where it's required that guests
bring a plate/pot/dish of something wonderful.

in searching around the internet I came across this 
absolutely delightful cookie recipe,
& not only is it beautiful to look at, 


Rosewater Shortbread

& because I didn't do a thing except follow directions
I'm giving full credit to
101 Cookbooks
found HERE

if you have time & the desire or the occasion to make these little beauties
please read through her entire post as she gives many little details which
make or break this recipe.

I followed her suggestions down to the finest detail, even getting her
same rosewater.

I'm shopping for my little grandchildren and was told this morning that
Sheriff, who will be 7 in January, wants a Bell "Stoker" Lime Green or Black
Bicycle Helmet.

Archer told me she wants a tea service for the little kitchen I got her a couple of years ago.
a tea service? !!

wonderful, isn't it ?

bells are ringing.