Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Definitely WORTH the Trouble

but, first a note:
50% off merchandise in my shop
IF it is still available.

see previous post for details,
just scroll down to find it.

most of you know I don't cook often any more,
so I definitely do not bake often..
however, there are a couple of parties I'm attending where it's required that guests
bring a plate/pot/dish of something wonderful.

in searching around the internet I came across this 
absolutely delightful cookie recipe,
& not only is it beautiful to look at, 


Rosewater Shortbread

& because I didn't do a thing except follow directions
I'm giving full credit to
101 Cookbooks
found HERE

if you have time & the desire or the occasion to make these little beauties
please read through her entire post as she gives many little details which
make or break this recipe.

I followed her suggestions down to the finest detail, even getting her
same rosewater.

I'm shopping for my little grandchildren and was told this morning that
Sheriff, who will be 7 in January, wants a Bell "Stoker" Lime Green or Black
Bicycle Helmet.

Archer told me she wants a tea service for the little kitchen I got her a couple of years ago.
a tea service? !!

wonderful, isn't it ?

bells are ringing.



Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Hi Marsha. Is the Positano bag on sale? Also do you know what the shipping charges to the UK would be?
I've been after this bag for soooooo long (it's becoming painful ;-) xx

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Hi Vannessa, the "Positano" is completely out of stock. We have re-ordered but the goods will not be received for about 4 weeks. We had to order TEN of them for our manufacturer to remake them for us. I have clients waiting patiently for this little number. And the price is already LOW so I could not reduce it. It should really be about $500 as you know. I'll send you an email. Happy Holidays, darling friend.