Monday, March 23, 2015

Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Perfect Travel Wardrobe by splenderosa on Polyvore featuring Misumi, Topshop, Proenza Schouler, American Vintage, rag & bone, Warehouse, Rick Owens Lilies, Donna Karan, MANGO and AG Adriano Goldschmied 
you know when someone asks your opinion it's flattering, isn't it?

that's exactly the reason for this post.
one of my reader's sent an email asking me for a list of things to pack for a week in Italy.

I originally posted this last year and looking at it again I wouldn't change a thing.

go HERE to see original post with detailed information on styling this wardrobe

a 9-Midnight ANYWHERE (except the beach, perhaps) wardrobe.

my reader told me she was only using a carry-on piece of luggage,
no checked luggage.
I'm not certain I could do this :)'s,
however, my reader could pare down this assemblage so that it's a fit for her lifestyle
& her luggage, I think.

as most of you know, I am not a jeans person at all.
I have jeans, of course, but I don't take any of them with me when I travel.
my favorites are a muted blue/green flower print from Escada, because they
stretch, and another pale gray from Chico's, also because they have a little give
& don't bag at the knees. both are narrow legged.

(short aside:  I was shocked yesterday to see one of my co-workers,
who is really talented, show up for work in jeans ((blue bluejeans)) that were literally shredded
all the way down both legs. & a hideous blouson black short-sleeved blouse.  
 we are in the FASHION business !!!
hello? )

the suggestions above appeal to me because they are timeless classics 
which impart an elegance of style 
which is understated, but with a touch of whimsy.

we need whimsy in fashion, most definitely!
it's a beautiful day in Houston,
one of my guy friends and I went out to dinner last Thursday,
from my building!

there is a new development on Post Oak Boulevard
@ San Felipe where the newest Whole Foods is located, as well
as some amazing new-concept restaurants.
we went to one called
NORTH Italia.

it was packed inside & out,
& my guy friend said, "Wow, there's a $Million worth of cars out here,
& there are only 2 of them."

anyway, for my Houston readers, the place is great, lots of Tanglewood residents there,
not a young group at all, just looked like a great new neighborhood place.
& we walked there, remember?

love love love to all of you