Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Perfection Collection

the actual show happened today

perhaps the most beautiful, most wearable, opulent, exquisite,
focused collection of Couture Week.

the ensemble above is one of the reasons why.

most of you know I love all things Italian, it's just "in there" like the sauce.
I'm always drawn to the Italian designers 1st, even the designers of handbags & shoes.

without reading any reviews as it is too early for anyone to get it posted,
I believe we can look to Cleopatra and the soldiers of ancient Romef for reference.

velvets abounded, and it just goes to show that Linda Fargo at Bergdorf-Goodman
knows a thing or two about trending.
she said this last week.
the fabric of Fall is velvet.

more about that in a later post.

for the ladies who can actually buy couture 
this collection has something for everyone. 
 movie stars, rock stars, visionaries and, yes, even Kim Kardashian
will be standing in line to get fitted.
there is even the most perfect Mother-of-the-Bride outfit,
a golden confection with sleeves & a billowing skirt.

this is one of the few times I have actually lusted after an outfit.
yes, in lust with that red coat.

& another noteworthy fact,
all the models wore flat sandals, no high heels anywhere in sight.

if you have 15 minutes to spare, you can enjoy the LIVE show by
clicking here

let me know what you think, please

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