Saturday, July 11, 2015

Light Summer Fare

Mix up pasta night with flavor bombs like buttery corn and tangy goat cheese.
Get the Recipe: Linguine with Buttery Corn, Scallions, and Goat Cheese

Linguine, Buttery Sweet Corn, Scallions & Goat Cheese


& tell me if you will make it,

'cause I'm definitely loving it 
 as cooking for 1 is not easy, 
& this dish suits me very well.



Anonymous said...

I would make this in a heartbeat! The colors are fabulous, the recipe is easy, and what's more, it looks just plain healthy and delicious.

Anonymous said...

If I had a cook; she or he would make it! It is a divine looking recipe!

I cooked for years.....our "blended family" 7 mine; 13 and 14 Adam's! (They came to stay for a month in 1978 3 months after we were married)....there Mom stayed in Europe! Can you imagine my luck??!!

Anyway....we had family dinners at the dining room table 5 nights a week. I cooked! Candles, placemats...dinner....dinner conversation!!
And when they came home from college; a different house.....those bedrooms were "theirs"!!

Maybe that is my "book"! My youngest stepdaughter gave me a blank book...the title page she wrote....

"The truth about stepchildren"! No one needs to see another book about building a house ....Brooke and Steve's will be the best ever written!!!

Maybe someone will be interested in the book about our family "blending"!

I just thought of this when I am writing you! what an enormous inspiration you are!! No one has written that book! (that I have known of!!) Certainly not my happy happy experience! It didn't start out happy...let me tell you.

I am starting it right away!!

Thank you for helping me to sort it out!!

You are the best.....are you sick of hearing that? I hope not!!!

Anonymous said...

PS all I want to do is EAT that!!!! Perfect portion!!!

Rowan said...

It looks simple, quick and easy! I think I would add something green as well, like zucchini, or green capsicum, as I think the corn and the pasta are both a bit starchy. Looks pretty!

I imagine that you would have to find recipes that look appetising otherwise, cooking for yourself could easily fall into the pattern of quick compromises.
Deborah - Melbourne

The enchanted home said...

That looks SOOO GOOD! Right up my alley and my favorite way to eat, taking advantage of the goodness of the season.

La Contessa said...

YES< PENELOPE this is YOUR CALLING............blending two families,good manners and having FUN while YOU do it ALL.Do not forget the part on how you dine out every night NOW and the HUBBY ORDERS FOR YOU!I find that D I V I N E!That of course, will be the end of the story................A TRUE LOVE STORY.

La Contessa said...

I will make this TONIGHT!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

From the beginning I've known Penelope is the ultimate wonder woman. She is brilliant, but she is also FUN! So many talents, she's always busy, but has time for everyone in her circle of life. Applause please for Penelope !!!!