Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Folklorico Gypsy

 this beautiful blouse has found it's way into my closet,
SOHO Couture has the BLACK version, without the embroidery, in the store right now.

they harken back to the 70's in a fabulous way, 
in the best way !

at Neiman-Marcus



well, you guys already know I wouldn't be wearing this beauty with jeans (of any kind).

this is so much more my style,
by Joie

but, seriously, with BLACK SLACKS,  some rocked out black high platform wedges,
  chandelier earrings swinging low, almost to your shoulder,
you have a perfect outfit for almost anything, don't you?

just remember, wear something under the blouse to hide the top of the black pant.
we wouldn't want anything to ruin the look!

& OK, now for a different BLACK one...
this piece is ALEXIS "Salvatore" Tie=Front Blouse
loving the bell, scalloped sleeve treatment,
& I think both of the pieces are very well-priced.
I know I would wear either one of them a ton.



Salvatore Tie-Front Lace Top, Black

 & the ultimate folklorico gypsy is the huge poncho
here by Theory
& that bright red pant just zings !


super good-looking as an outfitt, but each element is a great stand-alone piece on it's on.



  1. That first top is calling my name!

  2. GORGEOUS!Lets see a NEW PHOTO of YOU!

  3. Such a very lovely,nice choices,Marsha!
    Oh my.....
    These blouses are stunning and truly,my style too:)))

  4. Love the white blouse and white pants❤️


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