Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Do You Dress on a Plane ?

more specificallly, 
what do you wear?

for me, I want to be as sharp, elegant & comfortable as possible.
I always want to arrive 
looking as nicely as when I walked on board.

& I absolutely HATE being barefoot anywhere,
so that always makes it necessary for me to have socks/stockings/hosiery.
seriously, can you think of anyplace more grimy than an airport floor?

& I do not think the above is appropriate, even though we see some who do.
I don't want much skin showing because I know how many thousands of bodies
have touched the same things I'm touching...

so even if I'm wearing a skirt I'll be covered with leggings/tights,
this outfit below is from WORTH...and yes I would 
wear it just like it's shown, but maybe I'd choose a different shoe.

& one of these is necessary, absolutely necessary..
carry in by handbag or in the carry-on if I'm not wearing it.

this works !!!

I'm also a fan of Chico's travellers clothes, used to be
St. John things, but I think they bring me bad luck
so I don't wear them anymore (on the plane).

always in my carry-on:
phone charger, clean change of underwear (just in case of long layovers or cancellations), makeup, magnifying mirror,
hair stuff, face cleaners/creams, toothbrush/paste,
magazines, book.

your turn...what do you wear?
what do you carry on board?

& next, where are you off in your next travels?



  1. I haven't traveled at all in the lat 15 years. It's not fun any more. I just fly to Vancouver on the float planes and stay in my favourite hotel there. So much more relaxing. And I can wear anything I want.

  2. I always keep it fairly simple, usually dark skinny jeans. I always carry or wear a large cashmere scarf. It can double as a blanket if necessary because planes are always cold. I never put my make up in checked baggage, it always comes with me, along with my iPad, camera, sunglasses and Heaven Bee cream, a great pick me up after the dry air in the cabin.

  3. Going home to see family involves 3 flights and 2 long layovers, for a total of 24 hours. I used to wear full skirts--comfortable, don't hike up while you're sitting (especially if you fall asleep during the transatlantic leg), not too hot when walking through the airport yet enough fabric to be warm when sitting, can be hiked up for the WC. I had some palazzo pants that I thought would do the same thing, but it was nearly impossible to keep them off the WC floor, and airplane toilet floors are pretty disgusting.
    I got some slim jeans with stretch, and they have other advantages: they don't fall to the floor in the WC, the stretch keeps them from being uncomfortable, I can wear compression hose more discreetly, and they don't show stains (even if you don't spill something during turbulence, the person next to you will....on you).
    Slip-on shoes. Small jewelry that won't set off the metal detectors. Dressy top that won't show stains. I dress up, but keep it comfortable.
    Two changes of clothes in the carry-on. (My luggage has gone astray several times).

  4. I'm afraid that I am not very stylish on a plane. I usually bring a jacket, and wear comfortable pants and a shirt that won't wrinkle. I always bring a cotton scarf just in case. I also wear tennis shoes and socks. Lately we have been flying first class and I must say, I don't look better or worse than any of the others in this section of the plane. Lufthansa and British give you pjs to wear which saves on wrinkled clothes.

  5. I wear jen7 stretch skinny jeans, black Alo yoga MTI jacket with a dri fit shirt underneath, it's breathable and doesn't wrinkle. I have stretch knit fabric Nikes I wear great for swelling feet. The most important thing to travel with is spend $100 to get the TSA trusted traveler status, gets you Pre a TSA for 5 years and Global Entry status. This allows you fast check thru at customs coming back to the US.
    Just wrapping up 7 week across the US road trip, very fun
    Go to La Quinta for November, scottsdale for December, early January San Diego and la jolla weather permitting
    Hubby and I travel a lot there will be little side trips in between too
    Kris in Seattle

  6. After trusted traveler status I always bring my Bose noise cancelling headphones great on planes and noisy hotel rooms
    Kris in Seattle

  7. I'm so in agreement with Taste of France regarding the WC floors! For overseas flights which I seem to be on often. I now always wear slim fitted knit jogger pants with elastic/drawstring adjustable waist (love the ones from Lou & Grey), usually in dark grey melange which doesn't show spills - and of course they never drop low enough to mop up those nasty floors! Wear a lightweight long-sleeve, round neck top knit top - am always chilled by the air vent from above, especially at night, and always have a large but airy knit scarf (favorite is one from a Venetian street vendor) as I don't like the blankets they provide. Footwear - slip on type loafers are best - start out with foam inserts and then remove in morning if my feet have swollen overnight - then I can actually walk of the plane in comfort.

    In my carryon - the usual emergency odds and ends, plus my jewelry (nothing valuable for travel), MacBook Air, cameras, my little Moleskine notebook with all those passwords, phone numbers and the shopping list if heading to Europe.

    Next big trip is to - well can't say yet because right now I have a 'travel guessing game' up on my blog and can't give it away until Saturday, haha! It's going to be a fabulous and far off one though! I'm already picking my wardrobe which has to be confined to just a big soft duffel, sigh!

    Mary -

  8. I was just on a PLANE actually in HOUSTON and thought of YOU!NO Time as connecting but I had on a JOHNNEY WAS long silk dress.........the GAL behind me in line tapped my shoulder and told me she loved my dress!She then told me it was her WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!And proceeded to show me a photo!
    We are back from COSTA RICA!!!!!A MAGICAL get away!
    I always have a scarf and coat for the airplane.............they can be cold.
    Of course, I LOOKED LIKE NO ONE ELSE BOARDING THE PLANE.........loads of shorts,exercise pants and just basic BLA.A LOT of BLACK...........it is SUMMER PEOPLE................some color would be nice, but I guess they think they look slimming!With their GIGANTIC CUP from a FAST FOOD SHOP?Can you tell I am a bit desperate about the GENERAL PUBLIC and their LACK of CARE.?

  9. Hi Marsha!! Funny my mom and I always comment on how horrible Americans in general dress in airports and during travel in general. I always like to dress nice but comfortable.
    A typical outfit for me would be capris,a white button down or lightweight sweater, cute shoes *but comfy* and always bring my oversized tissue weight cashmere cape/wrap to snuggle up in. A great tote always comes in handy to hold it all. I think someone should come out with a book on how to dress when traveling! Hope you are well and hope summers off to a great start!

  10. Like you, mucho Chico's. The clothes are comfortable, travel well, and are designed to work on taller women. There is much to be said for 5% Spandex.
    I tend to wear trou going through the gropefest of security, then change into a long skirt in the ladies; more comfortable for sitting for endless hours.
    Foldable travel slippers and a pashmina or cashmere shawl. Skin lotion, an empty water bottle (filled once through security) to combat the too-dry air, a baggie with some trail mix nibbles. At least one book as I don't bother with the movies in flight. On my shopping list: noise-cancelling earphones, compression hose, Global Entry from TSA.
    Slip-on shoes that are a little loose, because your feet swell in flight.
    I do some stretches during the trip, although it's harder now to find a plane with enough free space to stand in the rear. Basic isometrics, but it moves the muscles, eases kinks.
    A tote bag big enough to hold everything I need (because I always assume that my luggage is likely to end up in Barcelona when I'm not) but small enough to manage in passenger space designed for people 4'2".


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