Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life Stories

special note
the Shop ICON on the left is not working as we are upgrading our entire boutique,
as well as changing the name.
if you need anything please email
all of the new bags are still available, but don't wait too long !!!!


thank you to everyone who sent me comments of sympathy
 about my Poodle, FiFi...
it really helps.
Bono & I spent the entire day in mourning, 
comforting each other.
he never left my side and seems as distraught as I am.

thank you so much !!!

“ Meeting of the Day

hug everyone you love TODAY


  1. Marsha...
    Sorry for your loss, may your heart be filled with the Love of your dear pet always.

  2. So sorry that you lost your lovely friend dear Marsha. It's so awful when they are gone isn't it? There is always a place left in our hearts where they fit forever.

    Hugs to you today especially,
    Jane xx


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, each of them mean so much to me. After all, the interaction is the reason we blog. xx's