Thursday, January 12, 2017

The New Shoe

have any of you noticed how even the haute couture designers are showing 
with their outfits, even luxe evening outfits?

flats and/or sandals

notice the shoe, which almost looks like a tennis shoe idea with that while band around it,
shown yesterday for Valentino's Pre-Fall 2017 collection.
so this is for NEXT Fall & Winter !!

this is what I'm talking about, fashion is just more CASUAL for anytime, any season.

I'm tall so I can wear all these patterns mixed up together, very very very Ungaro-like,
or Dries Van Noten,
but remember, this is VALENTINO
Princetown Jacquard Horsebit Mule, Gold Print

so it seems that our darling Olsen sisters, who actually
trailblazed this idea have made a huge impression on the
fashion world at large.
their collection called THE ROW is, to me, one of the
most outstanding lines around today.

it tends to the luxe fabrics, slouchy, big garments, and no matter the price, they are casual-looking UNTIL you realize this
is the direction young fashion has been headed for awhile.
the shoe below is THE ROW

& then this beauty, now on sale,
Aquazzura found here


NOW, for me, this is a very good thing, these flat shoes !!!

how do you guys feel ?????