Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is SO much fun...Clothes for the Cruise

                   the waters of Grand Cayman, truly the most amazing aquamarine I've ever seen

This Sunday we'll be departing on the Carnival Conquest, link above, for the exact same cruise we took
2 months ago.  Does this seem unusual?  Yes.  But, in fact, the 1st cruise was OUR 1st cruise and we really didn't know what to expect, you know?  Well, it was wonderful in so many different ways.  If you look at Carnival's website you can see the deck plan of the mega ship.  It took us the entire week to find everything.  And, we didn't get off the ship at any port.  It rained in Jamaica, too hot in Cozumel, a tender to Grand Cayman.  We were newbies and didn't know the drill.  Now we do.
the waters are so very beautiful, this is Jamaica where the water seems more crystal green
This is what the majority of passengers look like morning, noon & night
did not seem appropriate to the fashion salon diva who is no longer 18

these are both Ralph Lauren Resort 2010...MUCH more to our liking.  cool, crisp, fashionable and young.  Not over-stated as I sometimes need to be.  Just right, but NEEDS some jewelry like these below.......

all Splenderosa, these unique designs would be drop-dead gorgeous with these 2 Ralph outfits

Diane Von Furstenberg, lovely floaty dress                      Tropic Thunder from Ungaro, not for a shy girl
tourmaline, can be bracelets, necklace or earrings...beautiful

Diane Von Furstenberg again, and YES I would wear it this exact same way, LOVE the
hair ornaments,  harkens back to the 70's and looks just right NOW.

Now, everyone knows I love Donna Karan BUT what were they thinking?  RESORT 2010?  AWFUL
is this homage to the dreadful economy, thinking no one will buy anything anyway?  Perfect examples of exactly WHAT NOT TO WEAR ever ever ever.
however this is really cute, isn't it?

island humor shop window- LOL LOL LOL    
yes, she looks really good, except for the tat & the sign
    back to being serious favorites follow...classic American fun and the LBD....just so HOT
     both Diane Von Furstenberg, designed by Diane & her daughter this season, gotta love it

OK, ladies, look at these wonderful outfits, either the red or white pearl jewelry would work with both.
I always say GLAM it up when you're out of town, we can get away with SOOOOOO much more when our kids and/or friends don't have input on our whimsical choices.  AND, know what?  Everytime I'm dressed to the 9's, someone compliments me - it's nice to hear no matter how many times we're heard it before.
and who wouldn't want to wear the sea spirit earrings?
our own designs with authentic white coral branches, vermeil coral sticks and white coin pearls
there is just SO much to do on board one of these mega ships, but sitting on the deck gazing over the water, sipping something wonderful, talking to friends, or reading books, magazines is simply the best.
    there's karaoke, disco, casino, 2-3 showrooms, 22 bars, pools, golf lessons and a 9-hole putting green, basketball, jogging track, a 40,000 sq.ft. spa and fitness center, and a Supper Club on the top deck that is a 5-Star restaurant with the most magnificient presentations I've seen on Earth (and I've travelled all my life to the best of the best)...the giant beautiful dining rooms both fore and aft, a buffet which goes on forever, a deli, sushi, pizza, coffee shop, arcade for the kids, wine bar, cigar bar, huge cinema on deck.
    so, you see, there are opportunities to change clothes 5X a day if you like...which is the exact reason for today's blog posting, ladies. 
    what follows has been "saving the best for last."
    diagonal - newest design for resort 2010
    you could wear this every single night
    add this absolutely perfect black bracelet and earrings...
more when I return and I do so hope someone READS these postings

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