Wednesday, September 2, 2009

....further musings on wednesday

 Fashion Magazines.  They show us fashion, but in such a contorted and over-the-top way it's confusing and disgusting sometimes.  This is not meant to replace them.  It's just MY way of
bringing reality to the fore.  In my work I've often had to wardrobe a woman from head to toe.  Almost no one wants to be a stereotype.  Especially a business man's wife, a woman physician,  a real estate broker, an artist, or a stay-at-home mother.  Our own personality needs to be the primary focus.  Not the garment.  So, my small voice showing what's hot, what's not, and how to wear it YOUR way or a DIFFERENT way.
Evening.  Let's talk about this a bit.  So many different "looks" are available in fashion today...not just the BIG gala ball gowns, but almost anything one can conceive...from the casual girl to the here's a look at a few I've found this season....
so 40's and so beautiful
note the bangles on EACH arm, they complete the look very well
but we need some earrings too, maybe some giant black Tahitian pearls wifth a tiny diamond? 
OMG, here's Michael Jackson again, isn't it?  I love it !  Really.
Karl Lagerfeld Fall 09, power dressing X10
reminds me of the Dynesty days which is so HOT right now with the accentuated shoulders and narrow pants and skirts.  For those of you who didn't wear it then, take my word for it and please give it a try.  The big shoulders make everything else look very small and for most of us that's a huge advantage !!
  Chanel Evening 09       note white underlining 
    Donna Karan Evening 09 take off the necklace  add the earrings Splenderosa Feather Earring are floaty sexy
          Same Donna Karan FABULOUS                       Statement Cuff Bracelet
                      also avail in black                                         one for each arm
            imagine 2 pieces, so versitile
is this simply divine Dolce & Gabbana, so take any off-the-shoulder top in this style, pair it with jeans or skinny slacks and voila, the perfect casual evening
           Black Tuxedo, Always Correct
                 but this photo is boring
           big statement necklace needed
        the good news?  long blazers are back
imagine this piece with the tuxedo above...much more interesting isn't it?
this piece we make in any semi-precious stone, so it can be
black, garnet, aquamarine, turquoise, coral, shells,
anything you desire.  also made to wear with this same beading so it hangs in the back and front
makes a big impression
i'm going on a cruise next week, so i'll be looking for outfits to take with me to the Carribean
for my next post
this is what i'm longing for
just me with the sea

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