Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Musings on Fashion, Do's & Don'ts + Jewelry, Of COURSE !!

Ok, I've gone through all the Fall 09 Runway Shows
and I've chosen a few pieces which I think are absolutely wonderful
and some only the designer Could love
just so you know, a really BIG IMPORTANT LUXURY RETAILER
formerly employed me in their fashion department,
that was BEFORE I began designing jewelry
so, at least, someone thought I knew a thing or two about fashion and fashionistas
(all of us, right?)
the absolutely perfect dress to wear always to everything everywhere
dress this way UP ...or keep is simple
you could live in this !!
Yigal Azrouel, Designer
imagine, you can find this dress in any price point, so you get what I mean.
Gucci Girl in the Major Biker-Jacket Trend
must be leather,  I know you all have one of these somewhere, right? So dig it out and have some fun this year...pair it with jeans and a tee, of course...buy some rocked-out
satin pants, get a sequined tee somewhere, put on your swingy jewelry or long scarf
and disco, go to the country club, or the local hot restaurant with you guy.
this is Kate Moss's design for TopShop $250.
embellished, wearable during the day this season
with long skirt, mini, jodphurs, etc.
Swinging Necklace
Chanel, need we say more?
this look is soooo easy to emulate, ladies...
well, except for those platforms and the way kinky look of the hosiery
but, hey, Lagerfeld, ALONE, brought back leggings & hosiery
and we've all got all those chains hanging around somewhere
Resort 2010 from Chloe, however, I think simply everything going forward will have the huge
Michael Jackson influence...high pants one of his hallmarks are everywhere.  And, know what, they look way cool, don't they?
The Michael Jackson influence again?    this outfit is absolutely blah blah blah, except for the shoes
whats missing?  ACCESSORIES !!
Ralph Lauren (notice the MJ pant), everything he does is always perfect, no matter your size or your lifestyle, he is simply splendid, and American!  His fabrics are the BEST.  His clothes never wear out (problem there for us dedicated shopaholics), and they are never ever wrong.  If I wore this I would put tons of silvery pearls, long ropes (see previous post for view of necklace)  to hang underneath the drapey tie.  Even flat ballet slippers would work with this outfit.
Ralph again.  I love love love his scarf at the neck...makes the whole outfit, I think.
isn't this just yummy?  Ralph Lauren
well, this is super ugly. Miu Miu.  Cannot imagine wearing this without tons of accessories, buttoning up the blouse, and OMG, take off those hideous Liederhosen (they might look good with boots), wear some beautiful soft boot, add a big belt sloping down your hip and, of course, wonderful earrings !
like these:
Splenderosa Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Vermeil
always add a bit of whimsy and  the outfit above needs whimsy
i hope no one minds my little commentary, which is exactly what I would tell any shopper...there are so many ways to make ourselves current, without spending BIG bucks...what I'm relating to would be the designer collections translated down into commonality of day-to-day living.  But, never deny yourself of a piece you love, go home & think about it for a couple days, if it's still in your mind to get it. 
Luxury is worth the price, no matter what anyone says to the contrary. 
Remember what Oscar Wilde said, "her taste is very simple, she is satisfied with the best."
signing off for now

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