Saturday, September 26, 2009


You know how we all think we're going to just run to the market, take the kids shopping, then to the game, and maybe, after all that, we're going with friends to dinner?
How does anyone dress for all this & still look fab?
Explanation follows:

Armani Collezioni, Stripes Rule, maybe the beret
                                        comes off for dinner, but otherwise, you're perfect

next, SO EASY, this little look

Cynthia Steffe/Lord & Taylor, wonderful draping jersey top, can be worn with little silk long-sleeved T underneath if you need the arms covered.  Nice
with these Helmut Lang shimmering tights
or something like this....

So Right, So Right Now.
Note Shoes & Bag, Scarf, Big Cardigan
Motorcycle Jacket, BIG Scarf, STRIPED, Statement HANDBAG

high wattage statement bag with fluffy scarf again
i might change the lace-up's for dinner


this little black blazer is all over Paris, NYC

Splenderosa Necklaces
all, one-of-a-kind
variations can be made but may not be exactly the same
depending upon materials available
all using vintage elements
email us to answer questions, please

all so pretty, so comfortable AND SO FASHIONABLE !!!

next post will be about the Amalfi Coast of Italy, my favorite place on Earth
with, maybe, 
some Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Valentino, Versace
you know, those guys.....

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vicki archer said...

Great shots for the weekend of fabulous outfits.. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, xv.