Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've come across this totally stunning dining room
in an old townhome in New Orleans. 

I've been in one long ago which had the skylight, exactly like this one - only it retracted!  Seeing this beautiful, but empty space, made me long to decorate it with beautiful flowers, china, crystal & silver as if it were my own. 

and because Joni at Cote de Texas wrote about hanging fixtures today it made it even more wonderful,
so, if you will please indulge my fantasy....
imagine the full length floor-to-ceiling window to the right, which most certainly overlook the beautiful patio area filled with lush green tropical plants, and possibly a splashing water fountain mounted on the opposing brick wall

Then, imagine many of these beautiful containers on the table 

mixed with these beautiful candles & curly willow

and the chairs slip-covered in gray/silver shimmering silk
I love the lucite ones, but not for tonight's dinner...I think
we need a more intimate & cozy look...because it's an evening
dinner party...

so, maybe this Arte Italica Charger

which I happen to own in beautiful inlaid silver
I dreamed of these so much that my husband's daughter & son
gave 8 of them to me for Christmas many years ago.

with this beautiful Versace Arabesque Dinner Plate
& the William Yeoward Avington Magenta Salad Plate
the magenta plate will fit exactly inside the gold border of the Versace
&, of course we needed crystal, so I've chosen these
Varga Art Crystal Raspberry Red Wine
 & William Yeoward "Orleans" Water Goblet

THEN, I realized we would need a big canvas for the left wall
and I just knew it had to be this one:

All of you should be completely amazed I would NOT decorate my own table today...but
please understand what I've been doing instead.  My daughter (who's a spa developer) is
working in another city on a huge project and MOM has been trying to keep her 4 dogs and
sell her house at the same time.  We just accomplished this on Sunday!!
So, now all I have to do is get her huge house packed up and shipped off, along with
her husband and the dogs.

so we shall all celebrate with a lovely champagne served off a silver tray
in various vintage crystal stems

and the hostess wore this nice little New Orleans-appropriate Oscar de la Renta gown

Splenderosa's Tourmaline Earrings

Thank you for allowing me to join all of you talented ladies in this adventure each week, it's so much fun seeing what everyone can come up with each week.  I promise next week when we pack up my daughter, I'll find my own crystal, china & silver and do something special for all of us.  And, I'll be looking forward to doing so.
And be sure to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
who started this Thursday event

Thank you for stopping by.....
just me, Marsha


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

ooooh - all of these are quite stunning!

Mary said...

Everything here is stunnning.

Sarah said...

And I thought I was busy this week! Good luck with your daughter's move. Thanks for sharing these photos. The New Orleans dining room is a photo I'll keep in my files. ~ Sarah

Deanna said...

Dear Marsha,
I enjoyed touring your blog.
This was treat.
Be back soon.
Good luck with packing, etc. Tis work.

Autumn Blessings,
d from homehaven

Juls~ said...

Hola Marsha!

Beautiful photos and love your vision's transformation. Plus, the jewelry is gorgeous as ever!


Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Marsha,

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. Hope your daughter's move goes smoothly.

~ Tracy

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE those hot pink and gold dishes!!! FAB!!!

Julio said...

Hello Marsha,

Thank you for the kind comments on my Tablescape. I love your style! You are definitely treating your loved ones right for them to surprise you with the Arte Italica dishes! I also love them. I have the water goblets in gold. I would love love to get the chargers. I also love your choice of stemware both Varga and Yeoward. I wrote a short post about Varga a few months back. I'm looking forward to your next post. Have a great weekend.

Miss Red said...

oh wow!! those photos are just beautiful.