Friday, September 18, 2009

What's HOT for Fall Fashion 2009

Ladies, I appreciate everyone who looked at my tablescape yesterday and thank all of you who left comments, they just MADE my day  !!!!!

Fall is officially here ladies, we can lose the cut-offs, flip-flops and
get dressed WAY up again
Luncheons, Fashions Shows, Galas, Dinner Parties, Opera, Ballet, Symphony

  • & girls, you know this just ROCKS

  • i even love the shoes & usually don't like straps cutting the long look of a leg

  • all the girl needs is JEWELRY, right ?????

Splenderosa Lariat Necklace

  • Dolce & Gabbana Shoe, Simply Awesome.

  • Don't you just love the way the fabric covers the platform?

  • Boyfriend Blazer, Bermudas - Dressed for Cocktails or Lunch

  • wear those D&G shoes above & some leggings and you will be perfect

  • bit more casual, but you will look perfect (if you can walk in these heels !!)

  • in previous posts I've discussed this length of pants...looks "new" now

and a bit like Michael Jackson

  • for those of you who wouldn't wear the young-looking boots, go with the

  • Dolce & Gabbana shoe above, more polished looking anyway

Banana Republic, this is a very snappy; I      love it !!

  • statement necklace still going strong

  • this look will take you anywhere, it's polished, new cigarette pants, and draping

  • all new key elements

  • maybe add this little necklace with just a hint of color

or maybe THIS one ????

  • this little cowl wrap, represents the same look as Ralph Lauren's

  • beautiful ruffles at the neck (see precious post), only this one comes from Etsy for $80

Splenderosa Bracelet Peruvian Opal,  Chrysophase


very important assymetrical neckline
however, I disagree with the big necklace on the red outfit...
think it's too much and takes away from the pristine look of the bare shoulder
it only needs statement earrings, don't you agree?

do not have an idea if anyone could actually wear this MISSONI piece as it's shown,
however there are so many elements to this...we just choose what we like and adapt it
to what we already own.
Love the legging, shawl, and shoe
(I would wear the entire thing, of course, too much is never too much for me!!)

a shoe too beautiful to leave behind, nevermind,
we'll find something to wear with them, won't we ???


 Following is all Dries Von Noten's crazy color combo's
Think about the exotic mix of colors, ladies.  I'm only showing examples of combinations, not suggesting these exact outfits (all Dries Von Noten)
Take a look in your closet, see what you already own...and make it NEW by combining these totally unexpected combinations, or any other unique quirky combo you feel is right for you.


Be Creative, Be Bold, Be Un-Afraid of Fall Fashion
it looks so young, so new

Everyone at my house is going out of town for the weekend, except me, so I'll work on my tablescape for next week.  I don't know why I'm so excited about this must be Susan's fault !!!!

Thanks guys, from Marsha in Houston

& please leave comments

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Juls~ said...

Your *Splenderosa Lariat Necklace* is tres chic, girl!