Saturday, October 3, 2009

FASHION'S ICONS, the real ones

My last post started off being about people in the
"fashion business," all of whom wear black all the time.

But, it ended with thoughts of
 "real" people who have a sense of
elegance, grace, confidence, wit & flair
who are actually the icons of fashion.

The first woman I though of was the incomparable
Babe Paley
When I was young, everything was about New York
society, which I dreamed of constantly.
There's been tons written about Truman Capote,
and all the ladies of NYC society...
we're focusing on American women today,
and Mrs. Paley is still at the top of my list...

born in 1915, 1st married to Stanley Mortimer,
heir of Standard Oil in 1940
then became the wife of William S. Paley,
founder of CBS, in 1947
1st on the Best Dressed List in 1945, &
 after being included 14 more times was elevated to the
International BD Hall of Fame

at their home in Jamaica with Bill Paley in background

Babe Mortimer had a daughter, Amanda, born in 1944,
who looks amazingly like her mother

Amanda Burden, 1st on the Best Dressed List in her early 20's,
and in 1996 was elevated to the International Hall of Fame.
she is Chair of the City of New York Planning Commission

  • her 1964 wedding to Carter Burden

accepting The Marietta Tree Award in 2008
presented to her by Charlie Rose,
her constant companion since the early 90's

  • A couple of years ago Harper's BAZAAR did an entire issue

on the few women who could be considered Swans...
so elegant and perfect are they in their persentations of themselves.

Included in this very select group is Houston's own, 
the amazing, brilliant, witty, strong & splendid
Lynn Sakowitz Wyatt

her first coutour purchase was in the 1960's, it was from Chanel,
she was included in the Best Dressed List in 1977
and is now on the International BD Hall of Fame

ladies, born in 1935, Lynn is now over 70,
when all these pics were's nothing big, you know,
all of the girls in Texas are fabulous !!
i've been lucky enough to know her (not well) since i was in
my early 20's, just as she was marrying Oscar Wyatt...
i was her brother's (Robert) assistant at the family business,
a fine & wonderful retail specialty store which no longer exists:

she rides horses, raised 4 sons, is friends with people
in high places all over the world,
as well as people in Houston who call her
"a local girl." 
she supports all of our charities,
and those of many international causes,
including the Princess Grace Foundation.

tomorrow we continue......

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