Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Finally Fall in Houston

sometimes we just need something beautiful
to look at to inspire us

I no longer have children at home and my little grandson,
Sheriff, is only 19 months old,

so Trick or Treating doesn't happen at my house any longer
& hasn't, yet, started over again
for this adorable brilliant beautiful super way-above-average
perfect child,

but the spirit of the change of seasons,
the hand-crafted wreaths I make,
setting my table with the season's colors, is all something
very enjoyable to me

my home is always filled with fresh flowers, the most exquisite luxury
which I totally enjoy.  on the island in the kitchen I always have
various orchids in this amazing old china turquoise-with-little-flowers punch bowl,
all the plants are potted, I never buy cut orchids for this spot...

this will give you a good idea of how I do it
I leave the beautiful bowl exposed, but use the moss to cover all the pots
and little tiny vases I may insert over the lifetime of the arrangement
The most wonderful thing:  Orchids live a very very long time,
so what initially seems expensive is not at all. 
Now, they do take a lot of upkeep, as they require 1X a day misting. 
 Orchids are air plants and don't need water on the roots, but their environment
must be high humidity...kitchens are perfect.

an amazing array of colors is always available
so one can create any seasonal color you enjoy

I go to the flower market, select the potted orchids I need,
keeping in mind that they bloom from the cane shaft to the tip,
so if you see some unopened buds this means (with the proper care)
the flower can last all the way through complete bloomout
 Sometimes, for me it's 3 months !!
Amazingly, too, my local market has excellent prices
for these beauties. My girlfriends are all so jealous, but they
LOVE enjoying these lovely flowers as much as I &
none of them want to take the time to DIY

When I feel the arrangement needs propping up a bit,
 or I'm entertaining& want a more opulent look,
I'll add cut flowers at the base of the orchid canes,
like roses in little tight bunches

or alstroemeria (which are very inexpensive & long-lasting)
always keeping the flowers in tight bunches as the orchids are airy enough
to need this contrast of color concentration

in creating the flower arrangements, which is a true focal point
in my home,  as my kitchen is open to the living area where we watch TV, 
we enjoy them everyday.
I fuss over them, mist them, move them around, very much like the
detail-oriented design work I need for my jewelry creations.
It gives me such enjoyment I don't think of it as work at all.
We've had our temp drop down close enough to 60 to actually think
we may have finally found FALL at last

so picture all these autumnal colors, the yellows, oranges,
 arranged this way in a big old basket, or any container you have
which is large enough to allow your arrangement an
important spot in your home.


Anonymous said...

Glorious. Thank you.

Deanna said...

This was a neat post you've published. Very nice and informative. The flowers are beautiful and your little Grandson looks precious! Oh what fun you'll have as time passes and everything is new again.

We left Houston in 1992. While we lived there it amazed me how roses were planted around Valentines Day. I welcomed the end of October because it finally cooled abit! Grins.

Our weather this week-end is in the lower 30s. I'd welcome some Houston heat about now.

May you stay well.
God bless,

vicki archer said...

Those orchids are so magnificent and your dear little grandson is totally divine...lovely snaps, xv.


Deanna is so supportive of my newfound love of blogging...her comments just make my day.

To hear from Vicki Archer is just over-the-top totally. A brilliant writer who has already taught me a thing or two, & who's blog I wouldn't miss reading.

Thank you, ladies, XXOOXX's Marsha

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Beautiful -- I love fall too - so wonderfully colorful!


Thank you, precious one. Flowers are so important in my life, I love gardening, fussing over everything because each morning I'm greeted with such beauty. XXOOXX's