Saturday, October 10, 2009


new technique with the sterling silver wire wrapped 
into a hand-made beaded chain
black onyx with pendant 
(abalone shell used in Spring 09 Collection)
Fall Collection pendant is large polished black onyx nugget

below, close-up of earrings with unique wire treatment

close-up of white freshwater pearl earrings

rutilated quartz & black onyx necklace, sterling silver

very unique Murano black/white beads with black onyx & sterling silver

freshwater pearls & onyx earrings

sterling silver & black onyx with Swarovski crystals

various chains multi-strand necklace
with handmade pendants

exquisite rutilated quartz nuggets on hand-beaded chain
sterling silver

1 multi-chain necklace with freshwater coin pearl pendant
and coin pendant


for the fortunate few who would actually look wonderful wearing this
you lucky girl!!
but, no matter, one absolutely must add jewelry, don't you think???

this is what I could live in the entire fall/winter season
earrings, please

egads, must get that program Joni has to enlarge the photos
necklace & earrings MUST have
those long multi-chains would rock this outfit

perfect little dress, accessories absolutely define this look
dress up or down

definitive Fall
note cap sleeves, tights
statement necklace

I live in Houston, Texas, where women still dress to impress...
yes, life is so much more casual in every way...
just look at the St. John Collection to see how everything's changed...
we used to say that in Texas girls wore St. John Evening to lunch.  LOL
Sometimes I'm sorry about this, but in another way more casual works for most of us and it seems unusual to see someone "dressed to the 9's" during the day...
for example, I was referred to a new doctor recently, turned out to be a woman.
except when she walked into her office she was dressed head-to-toe in designer
apparel.  My immediate thought was, "she's more concerned about what she's
wearing than her patients."  Incorrect, of course. But, 1st impressions, you know?
I have worked in luxury retail for most of my life, therefore, always knew how to
present myself within the confines of my position.  Now I'm a jewelry designer, with a tiny studio where I can wear my silk pj's if I want to.  It's wonderful.  When I call on my boutique-clients, I get dressed for that - but it's a lot more casual then it used to be.
It's nice. We have an opportunity for our personalities to come to the fore,
let's take advantage of this.  Be quirkey, be daring, be original  !
Anyway, tomorrow you can always change.  Voila
prices of any piece of jewelry available upon request

bye for now, Marsha

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