Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Spirit & Sharing

Nell Brinkley (1886-1944)

Golden Eyes with Uncle Sam (dog), ca. 1918
Watercolor, ink, gouache, and opaque white over graphite under drawing on illustration board 

The following is a direct quote from Alexandra Stoddard's book "Living a Beautiful Life"
published in 1986.  Our thoughts on sharing and living life, generally, have changed
dramatically with the advent of the internet.  Lest we not forget what I think is so very important I ask you
to read and enjoy Ms. Stoddard's words:

My godmother, Mitzi Christian, radiates a spirit that is infectious.  When I'm with her, I feel I am the most
important person in her life!  That's part of Mitzi's charm.  Hundreds of other friends feel the same way.

When she is with others she always seems more than ready to share her whole self with her large collection of friends.  I have lots of my own friends who come to mind immediately as being naturally talented at sharing, people who have the power to give and who are determined to find life an adventure.  I've known Mitzi all my life, however, and she is one of the sparkling examples of a strong, intelligent, feminine woman who has taken good care of her own needs and is free to focus outward, radiating her enthusiam and  passions 360 degrees around her. 

Mitzi understands that sharing is symbiotic -- no matter how much excitement and satisfaction she generates
through her love of family and home, painting, museum work, gardening and interior decorating, she has a generosity of spirit that moves her to remember a friend and do something thoughtful.  There's nothing lazy about Mitzi.  She once saw a Cezanne exhibit and thought about me; this led her to buy me the catalogue of the show and mail it to me with a note:  "I wanted to share this lovely exhibit with you."

Who doesn't want to be thought of?

And how special we feel when someone we love expresses warm feelings toward us -- out of the blue !

Sharing a sunset, a trip, dinner, the ballet or an art exhibit intensifies and magnifies these experiences, expands us and extends our ability to understand, to grow, to learn.

Blessings of the Season to Everyone


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I could not see the quote, my old eyes are going I am afraid, but the image was lovely. thanks

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Ahhh to be like Mitzi. People such as that are few & far between. In fact, lucky to run across a soul such as that in ones lifetime. Even with the convenience and ease of the internet,I still find those who cannot even manage to pop off a quick email. Now that my mom is dying, I really don't hear from my friends back home. So, what I've learned, is to try to be more like a 'Mitzi'!! Hope you are doing fine and the move will be an easy transition? All the best to you my dear x