Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas 3 - TIPS on enjoyment of the season

Holiday time is always hurry hurry rush rush...and the mom's, girlfriend's,
wives, in other words, the "girls" get more stressed then blessed. 
A few hints from my spa-developer daughter, Vanessa, on how to detox
and find some real time for just yourself.

Imagine yourself in these luxurious surroundings,
taking a few moments of the day just for YOU
  • Treat yourself to a pedicure.  Just relax and do it.
  • Create a pre-bath titual using Neutrogena body oil, which is made of natural sesame seeds.  Lather this oil all over your body before having a 20-minute soak in warm water; it takes that long for your pores to open completely and release accumulated impurities & toxins in the skin.
  • MAKE a herbal bath ritual.  Add peppermint, lemon, rose or jasmine tea, wrapped in a pretty cloth pouch & tied with a ribbon, to your warm bathwater.
  • Buy a bottle of Pine Spa oil and once a week have a Pine Spa.  Place the Pine Spa Oil under ot running water, and light a pine-scented candle.
  • Get a new digital scale and weigh yourself each morning before breakfast.
  • Play some music you love, don't answer ANY telephone and just chill out.
  • Buy a thick, plushy bathrobe, like in the spas - a "cashwere" type of microfibre as soft & downy as a new baby (available at some spas).   Put it on when you are wet from your bath and pat yourself much better for your skin than rubbing.
  • Lay out all the clothes you'll be wearing prior to your bath.  Make certain everything is in perfect order, down to the jewelry, handbag & shoes.  When your clothes are all set, dressing is quick & fun.

  • After an early evening bath,lie down for 8-10 minutes before you get dressed again.  You will feel like a new person.  Promise.

Love love love these big multiple floppy flowers!

a wonderful season for all to remember sharing with strangers
as well as those we love.

peace, love & joy be with you....


Deanna said...

Wonderful post with great suggestions.
This has to be a ahhhhhhhhhhhh,


Deanna, imagine...& we can almost be there. Right?

Deanna said...

Amen!!! That's right.
Take care,