Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just When I Thought There Was No Hope

I mean, no hope for All-American Day Wear...but today
I discovered this lovely little outfit from the
new J.Crew Catalogue at my daughter's home.
I love the jewelry & the jacket

of course, most of us will wear Bermuda's, but the rest of this
is wonderful, isn't it?  I also adore her hair and have wondered
all my life why I never had hair like this?

However, I think the bag below is much better...

& it's from Banana Republic at only $98.
I think the off-white one is not chic enough, plus
this brown one will go everywhere with you
... it will hold highheels for cocktails, lunch
or even a nice little gift

& sparkly crystals everywhere...
we are NEVER too old or too young
for them !!!!

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