Monday, February 1, 2010

Edible Art

After the flood of fashion postings I've done recently, I thought I
would do something everyone could enjoy.

Valentine's Day

A few years ago one of my girlfriends had a very swishy Valentine's Party.
All of the ladies were asked to wear red, and the gentlemen to wear
"something red."  The party was a wonderful success...everyone looked
beautiful, and it was lots of fun & very festive.

But, as I said, we aren't talking fashion today.
We're talking CAKES.

I love big beautiful cakes on a special table, sort of a focal
point for the party.  Everyone ohhh's & ahhh's over it,
we never cut it (we serve from the kitchen a similar sheet cake)
so that our party decor stays constantly beautiful.

Tomorrow, we'll talk flowers.

Some of the really beautiful Valentine Day cake ideas I've found
in my files.  Hope you enjoy....

this is particularly beautiful if you have a table for desserts only,
fresh flowers on the top of each one.  we made this is red fondant with red
roses for one was a show-stopper

The beauty of this is the lovely cake stand, just
your ordinary candy dish filled with rose petals.
White tablecloth criss-crossed with red & pink ribbons,
so simple, so pretty.

I think one would take each cake off separately to cut.
Cannot imagine having to "move" this creation,
but it certainly is stunning, isn't it?

This opulent one is, of course, my personal those of us who have
a bit of Italian heritage think too much is never enough !!
You can see more extravagances at the website above.

this too is lovely, but I think I would have placed a paper doilly underneath

this brings me to another great idea...a dessert for each place setting if you're hostessing
a luncheon or a dinner party. 

Like these petit fours, or any kind of precious cupcake, especially
if you had a fresh rosebud on top of even a very simple one.
All women love fresh flowers.

And now, the finale

Christian Dior 2010, almst a cake itself !!

Do you think adding a strawberry + the little flower is too much?

Believe it or not, creating this post has made me soooo happy
today.  Imagine all the various ideas which can come from
the above photos; just take a little of this & a little of that
and voila you're a spectacular hostess.  So smile...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone....


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  1. Hi Marsha
    Mmmm... some lovely cakes you shows us, they look delicious!
    And Georgio Armani - he is a genius, I love the cuttings in his cloths, would like owned some of his models.
    I have written about the property on my blog, which you asked about. Thank you for your very nice comment.
    I wish you a wonderful day!


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