Sunday, January 3, 2010


The name of the game for Spring 2010 is

Ruffles Ruffles & More Ruffles

Enjoy Being a Girl Again

Chanel & Marc Jacobs even included a longer skirt in their collections
which makes me VERY HAPPY
I often wonder if designers know that women over 50 buy their clothes
because, often, everything they design is for girls in their 20's...
which is OK when you're 20 !!
I've always enjoyed being a fashionista, dressing to the max, being
glamourous all the time.  But even I know that some things are
not appropriate to ME any longer.  Sad to say.

Below the longer don't listen to anyone who says
it's old-fashioned, out-of-style, etc.
Just wear it and own it.
Chanel, note layering of necklaces, ruffles & lace

I do not like these shoes. Do you?
Oh, Karl, you let the little Dutch boy sneak in !!

Marc Jacobs below

I almost cropped off her head, as the make-up & wierd Japanese hairdo
take away from this glorious outfit.
I could wear this skirt every single many different tops
you could do with it ...
once you had worn this one to the
late night barbeque down the street.

Stay Cool, Ladies
More to Come


Deanna said...

Dear Marsha,
That shade of blue is very pleasant...midnight blue?
Have a great week!
God Bless,


D, you're adorable. The only thing you liked about this outfit was the midnight blue? LOL
Love you. M.

Deanna said...

Hi Marsha!
I do love the blue.
Actually, I like the first outfit you shared with the layered necklaces better! Over all pretty outfit.
The one with the blue... no way on planet earth could I carry this off. I'm way too large, but love this shade of blue! grins.

Blessings to you,