Wednesday, January 13, 2010

& The Winner Is....

This little lace bodysuit is outstanding in a supporting role

What does it take to prep a starlet for awards season?

besides an army of stylists, dermatologists, makeup artists, trainers, and nutritionists?

The answer: shapewear.

Even the twiggiest nominee will be pouring herself into a
contouring undergarment for this weekend's Golden Globes.
Most are bland nude tubes, which is why Yummie Tummie's lace bodysuit
caught our attention.
A waist-minimizing panel and underwire design provide
figure-flattering support, but the chicer-than-most onesie
can stand alone as lingerie (which just happens to be one of the trends of Spring 2010). Every woman should have one in her arsenal,
even if the closest most of us will ever come to a photographers' pit
is seeing one on TV.

Yummie Tummie lace and stretch satin bodysuit, $110,

more to come for Spring 2010

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