Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Daywear for Normal Americans

I think it's safe to say most of us don't wear designer apparel to
the grocery store, etc.  I've been talking about the lack of
daywear in the collections
for a few weeks.

But, now I've just found this beauty from
the quintessential stripped down, clean lines
in the same vein as Armani, but much much less in price;
their fabrics are natural fibers & beautiful...and, yes, they travel well.

love the long, almost dragging, pant legs...why?  because this line
makes everyone look slimmer, especially me...if you're a tiny little short
girl (which I've always wanted to be) a little narrower leg would look
really pretty.

option for a necklace...our Splenderosa
really long long long rope of watermelon
tourmaline nuggets, and various shapes
& colors of small tourmalines interspersed throughout
the rope.  this can be worn 3 ways, doubled or tripled (as shown) or
really long as a necklace, or as a belt !!
i like it because it adds just a bit of color & is whimsical.

this shoe because it looks casual & dressy,
and because it'll stay on your foot, making it possible
to actually walk

darling little thing, isn't it?

DKNY, it might look busy, but it's chic & young
& will go anywhere...I could wear this every day
in spring & summer, and when I'm NOT shopping for
groceries, putting gas in the car, taking dogs to the groomer...
I would put on piles of bracelets, on each arm of course
and so would you !!

Splenderosa's 3-strand Assymetrical Necklace
with faceted deep green chrome diopside
stones and our hallmark hand wire-wrapped circle

Same circle elements in a lariat with giant
aquamarine & chalcedony nuggets
all created by hand

close-up of same necklace

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Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

Those necklaces are gorgeous! I love the clothing ensembles as well:)Fabulous!