Thursday, February 18, 2010


The perceived value of tourmalines makes these pieces
very special and the cut of the wheel-shapes makes
them very unusual.

Refer back to my last post
where I showed you the 3-strand Chrome Diopside Necklace

I just found this photo showing 3 different necklaces,
as we always intended them to be worn.

Tourmalines, Chrome Diopside & Aventurine Stones
carefully crafted into a big statement piece
when all 3 were combined.

1st - The 3-strand Chrome Diopside Faceted Briolettes

2nd - Tourmaline "Wheels" faceted into a long rope
anchored by a huge gold wire-wrapped circle
element; the circle/ring could be placed anywhere
depending on what you would be wearing

3rd - Giant Nuggets of Aventurine, again with the
same Tourmaline wheels made into a long rope,
which could be doubled if worn alone.

note from me, chrome diopside is a hideous name for a beautiful
stone, which to many looks like an emerald, however, upon
closer inspection you will see the extra brilliance of the green.
chrome diopside is only found in the areas where diamonds are
located...for this reason alone, I think they are extra special...&
they are also very rare and difficult to source.  sometimes we
would purchase a vendor's entire inventory (small) because
we knew we couldn't duplicate the quality, size, shape with
anyone else.


Torie Jayne said...

Such a gorgeous necklace! Have a sweet day!

Juls~ said...

Wow! Fantastic necklace! It's so pretty, Marsha! You are an awesome designer!