Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flowers for Valentine's Day Parties

Anyone who read yesterday's post already knows I got
carried away with Jeff Leatham's floral arranging genius.
Today, I will give you some interesting and beautiful ideas
you can do yourself .

As you know, my partner & I create fun, whimsical, lovely,
exciting ideas for parties...any kind of party.
But, mostly for grown-ups.

Below, are some ideas, which initially seem difficult
or impossible to re-create, but they're not.

Think outside the box.  Look over all the containers
(anything glass, unique, old, coo-coo)
you have in your house or garage.
Imagine flowers in them.
Go to your local flower stand and see what's available now.

Clear off the entire top of your work area, whereever it is...
and start creating.

Unfortunately, most fruits will float so if you decide to do this
remember to weight them down.
Above green pears or apples, with seashells (but colored
marbles, little stones, etc. could be used).
Orchid blossoms are removed from stalk & used
Make your arrangement, then add water.
IMPORTANT:  Fruits & Vegetables give off gases,
so the water will need changing every day.
These arrangements won't last very long because of
the perishable quality of the submerged foods.
& so worth the effort...

You could use a rose bowl, add cherry tomatoes to the bottom & beautiful
roses to the top.

Use your will be amazed how easy it is,
and what a stunning result you'll have.

A simple container (even a big coffee can),
put large rubber bands around can,
and add asparagus, finish with raffia ties to
cover the rubber bands. 

Green Bamboo

Square Container with Lemons & Limes,
Green & Yellow Flowers
but this could be made pink, red, white.

Cosmo's with fresh flowers,
is this beautiful?

More to follow, flowers submerged in water,
followed by mini arrangements for each
place setting.

Big Kisses & Valentine Hugs to Everyone


    you have such a fantastic post
    I am just MAD for it all.

    big Hug to you dear lady,
    very beautiful..Yvonne

  2. They all look fantastic. I especially love the green bamboo with the pink roses ... and a nice touch on the cosmos!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Have a great day!


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