Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Would You Wear These?

I trust you guys to tell me the truth...
would you buy & then wear any of these?
As the huge statement necklaces are so in fashion right now,
just wanted to know what you think.....

I'll look forward to hearing from you......


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  1. Great post. I would absolutely wear the last one. The others are a bit dressy for me. I love large jewelry and this one allies large and airy. Thank you .

  2. Oooh, very pretty!

    I love nos. 1 and 2, no.3 not so much. I do like longer necklaces though so actually, although it's not 100% my style, no.4 is the one I would probably wear the most, it would go with many more items.

    Have I made any sense??!! :)

  3. All are incredibly gorgeous & yes would wear them. Now, if only I had a place 'to' wear them! Did you create them Marsha? I can only imagine your talents my friend. I wanted to thank you sincerely for your terrific and kind email. Trying to help build my business is greatly appreciated. I am afraid I'd be quite shell-shocked if not intimidated by the movers & shaker of Houston. I think of incredible Lynn Wyatt. I would be so out of my league being a girl from Washington State. Thank you incredibly for even thinking of me. I hope you are doing well this week & creating marvelous things? Hugs to you from Houston xx deb

  4. They are all beautiful!

    I love the first the most, it's airy beauty, antiquey yet modern.


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