Friday, March 19, 2010

Coincidence...Or Do I Still Have IT ??

Sometimes we receive a positive revalidation
in the most simple of ways, but it has an impact on your spirit,
and that's what I'm writing about today. 
As I've told you, I was in luxury retail for a long time,
 I worked in one of the most special positions at Sak's 5th Avenue,
surrounded by gorgeous apparel,
with total run-of-the-store responsibilities,
and some of the most wonderful clients a person could have. 
I became an intregal part of their lives, and that of their families...
the daughters, the husbands. 
It has been a few years since I've worked there having
started my own jewelry design studio.  I'm not on the
front line of what's happening now so I could have
lost my touch. Not something I wanted to happen.

I did a post in February about Spring
and showed a few pieces from different collections
which I thought gave a small, but broad, view of what fashion
 would be about for this season. 
Imagine my delight when I picked up the new issue of Vogue
from an Orlando news stand and found that the
 inimitable Grace Coddington
had selected TWO of the same pieces
to show in Vogue...
(believe me, I had no knowledge when I wrote my blog posts)

the Rochas piece

& the Diane Von Furstenberg dress.

How about those odds?

and so I'm smiling and thinking the ole girl still has IT, you know?
In January I did a post on Etro, an Italian fashion house
and their lovely prints and the hallmarks of this house.
Below are images which appeared in the same Vogue
for their ad campaign...

showing the outfits with all the accessories,
note the big statement
necklaces, bracelets
And finally,  there was a post about Karl Lagerfeld shooting
Claudia Schiffer as Freida Kahlo. 
Karl made Claudia famous
in the early 90's by using her in all his shows and ads...
and suddenly he decided to go another direction. 
How life does change. 
She is usually
seen on the front row of his shows, but no where in the Chanel ads.

Suddenly, here she is again, modeling for the print ads for
Chanel...& looking splendid, again.

also in Vogue.

Thought you guys might find this as much fun as I do.

Happy Weekend Coming Up...Enjoy being outside
with pets, kids, husbands, significant others,
kites, baseballs, skates, horses, gardens
& shopping.



  1. Bonjour Marsha,
    Of course you still have it my friend. I had to smile when I read about Saks, my mother's favorite store.
    We went to NYC all the time and would spend hours there in the falgship store - shopping, hair salon, lunch, more shopping, tea - honestly, there was no need to leave!
    I'm sure all your clients miss you! But you are following your dream of jewelry design.
    A bientôt,

  2. Hi there, thank-you sweet lady for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!You sound like a very highly creative intuitive type!I'm a small town girl from the UK, trying to make my big city dream become a reality! Hey I guess if you can dream it anything is possible!Adore this post, beautiful images, I must start following you so I don't miss out! Sharon xx

  3. Marsha,

    You *definitely still have got it*! How exciting, yet no surprise to me! Al those gorgeous images that you've shared with us are *definitely you*! The clothing, jewelry,-your signature-although they are various designers.

    That same quality shines through your beautiful jewelry collections & pieces! All stunning! All Marsha!

  4. Marsha, I am absolutely certain you still have it - and in doubt about lovely to find that the inimitable Grace Coddington had made the same choices :)

    Working at Saks must have been very!

    I loved reading your "Spa" post....your daughter has done some amazing work - you must be very proud of her.

    I wish you a good week-end my friend xo

  5. You most certainly do have it my dear Marsha. No question at all to your friends and followers. You my friend are the epitome of style and taste.

    Smile away my sweet friend xx

  6. i don't think it is too easy to lose
    'the touch', as i call it.
    you've got it still, as seen in voque. hahahaha


  7. Why would you ever loose it ... you stylish babe!

    Saks was one of my favourite stores when I lived in the US. I'm sure you miss it and all your dear clients ... but you have a new venture now, which is also very exciting!


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