Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Girl Time

Day at the Spa

indulge in the "experience"

enter into a serene environment

my darling daughter has taught me a few of them
being the enjoyment of the complete spa experience.

I'm not a spa girl at all, and until my daughter became an icon in
the American spa industry, I really hadn't even considered a "spa day" as
something I needed to do.  Massage, don't really like. Facial, my skin is
excellent.  Manicure & Pedicure every other week at a nail salon somewhere.

However, now I know what she means when she says one needs to
receive multiple treatments during your visit, especially if it's a
visit to a beautiful destination hotel and spa, to fully enjoy
the entire spa experience.

The relaxation rooms where one enjoys the quiet time before and between
various treatments, candles, low lighting & special music with a lilting sound, very quiet,
beautifully presented infused waters (refreshing cucumber, lemon, orange),
herbal caffeine-free teas,
green matcha teas (the ground tea leaves which are heaven),
fresh fruits beautifully presented and refreshed hourly...
truly a luxurious surrounding catering to your every desire for
total and complete relaxation.

Hydrotherapy Baths

especially excellent for girls with dry skin, and anyone who wants
to be jacuzzied in candlelight, aromatherapy infused waters in complete privacy.
The attendants have been taught how to hold a beautiful snow white extra large
towel before you so that no matter how shy, entering & exiting the
bath is completely private.  Usually a specific amount of time so that
the patron doesn't become weak from the warming waters.  Bliss.
Complete Bliss

one of my favorite rituals is the back facial,
because we cannot see what our skin looks like back there,
it's lovely to have this treatment so you know your skin is
blemish & blackhead free, exfoliated and shined. 
A must for summer or strapless dresses anytime.

The absolute ultimate, vichy shower.
Used after wraps, masques and massage to
completely cleanse & hydrate.
Of course, the hair is demolished, but so what?
There's a hairdresser somewhere, right?

you can build your own menu of services you wish to partake,
so when the guys are golfing, fishing, footballing and all that stuff
the girls, or just yourself, can take time off for the restoration of
self, a vitally important need in the busy world of today.

And, just think how much more fun you'll have that evening
after a little pampering and glamming it up.

some of my daughter's projects include

it's the Galvez Hotel on Galveston Island
and the
which is a luxury private sport club, hotel & Trellis Spa

She comes on during the design/build process and
has complete responsibility for all decisions,
including products which will be used, linens,
menu of treatments, design, policy & procedure manuals
& initial staffing of personnel.

One of the most lavish destination hotel resorts is near
Santa Barbara on the Pacific Ocean,  Bacara.

This is not for the faint-of-heart in price point,
but is without peer in excellence of service, facilities,
personnel and location.  They even have their own
organic gardens which supply all their restaurants,
as well as their own fishing boats, where
all seafood served at Bacara comes from.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh, Take me away! I love to be pampered! A good massage is priceless! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and serene sense! And kudos to your daughter.

Fifi Flowers said...

Girl time sound DIVINE!!!

Desde my Ventana said...

Everything seems to be so relaxing and delicious...

Marina said...

Oh Marsha ... I absolutely love spa days.
When I lived in the US ... I frequented them regularly.
Here in the UK ... not so much!

I definitely need to book a day at one .... soon!
How lucky that your daughter has so much responsibility for all decisions made at these beautiful places. I'm sure her job is stressful ... but what a beautiful environment to work in and to see the finished project!

You should tag along ... especially on completion of these gorgeous place and volunteer to be their first client!

Greet said...

Oh when I see this images, I really think I need to go to some wellness place to relax!

joanny said...

Dear Marsha

Thank you for visiting my blog--
Yes Vicki is great - I enjoyed reading her book.
And I am loving your blog filled with beauty and fashion -- the spa -- yes going to a 'good' spa' is worth every penny. I have two favorites of mine when I can afford the extra luxury here in Oregon. I liked that post on the silk chiffon scarf, a great idea to spruce up the outfit your wearing.
Small light weight and affordable

A Refocused Life said...


I love spa days. Wonderful images...they remind me that I have a spa gift card I need to use.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It's always fun to connect with someone who shares my interests/likes/'things that make me smile'. Another commonality - my daughter worked at an up-scale spa during college. Obviously not at the same level as your daughter, but like you, I am now hooked on spa days. Rita