Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travel Well

After many many many years of travelling everywhere,
& I don't mean business travel at all,
I've finally discovered that I don't need
nearly as much as I am compelled to pack. 
You know...dressed to go ANYWHERE ANYTIME !  
 I now have all this down to a refined science.

One of the best ideas I can pass on is so simple...
years of retail experience with giant heavy-duty rolling
garment racks made this obvious to me...

get a garment rack from Target, etc., set it up
somewhere near your closet and start putting clothes, shoes,
hosiery/socks, underwear, pj's,
handbags, jewelry, makeup, hair stuff on it and/or under it
before you pack anything.

It's a necessity to pare down because there are no porters
to be found, and schepping my own luggage is
extremely difficult, one cannot take a train with
stacks of luggage you must haul around.
Life is different today...and there is no such thing
as a "maiden in distress."

Perfect Pieces of Luggage
are a necessity, they must be lightweight,
last forever, have wheels and NOT make a
statement...see below

a giant bucket/hobo which holds everything
you need on the flight & travelling
doesn't have to be a big name designer bag,
but a purposeful bag which goes
with anything you wear, a leather bag
...except for evening.

  • Positano Luggage

I pack only black, white and a pop of ONE color
to give it snap.
I used to pack 20 pairs of shoes to visit NYC in
the 80's. All the girlfriends would go to see
a few shows, enjoy good restaurants, bar scenes
and nice men who wanted to entertain us.
Let's face it, 4 Texas blondes could get a whole
lot of attention, and OMG we just HAD to change clothes
3-4 times a day.
Then, it seemed OK to have all that "material girl"
sumptuousness & excess.
Venetzia Grande Doctor Bag
classic, beautiful, perfect

Today, not the case, even if we were 20 years younger.

One final thought which only comes from experience.
A simple T-Shirt:  Black doesn't stay black if you buy it from Target.
This is the reason you buy Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein,
Escada & so on...their black stays BLACK when it gets washed.
Don't try to save money on basics.  Because they are
basic they need to last a very long time and still look
perfect each time.  Trust me on this and take my experience
in luxury retail as advice which is 24K gold.

Buy a silk chiffon scarf, shaped like a long wrap, to put it on you
shoulders, to wrap around your head, put around your
neck under your blazer. 

I would never skimp on scarfs because of their versatility
& the pizazz they add to something simple &
they take up so little room in luggage.
I can't even get into jewelry because this is one
of the areas I am excessive.  Each of us knows
our own style, so suffice it to say, I'll allow
you your own.  With me, more is more.  I can handle
big jewelry, lots of strands of necklaces, bracelets piled on,
awesome earrings X10.
What I will say though is this...
your jewelry should make your outfit into
3-4 different outfits.

I wouldn't dream
of checking my jewelry, neither would I wear any
of it before I clear security...it just stays in the big
handbag & when I'm seated I put on what I will wear for
my arrival to my exotic, simple, lovely destination.

I'm totally into vacation holidays right now, so my
proposed closet posts might have to wait.

does anyone have some splendid ideas on luggage & packing???



Great tips! I always travel with a big scarf and often 2 that I use as blankets on planes or when I need extra warmth. And luggage MUST be lightweight. Also, so true about buying quality black clothes. Nothing's worse than faded black.

Deanna said...

Hi Marsha,
A few years back I learned to roll my clothing to help avoid wrinkles and to assist in getting more in the suitcase. Like this technique.
May you have a sweet week and Happy St. Patty's Day,

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Marsha,
You do have the travel routine down to a science. Lightweight is key, I never check luggage, except once when I was in the midst of a move to Paris so that dosen't count. A good scarf is the best.
A bientôt,

Juls~ said...


The collage is very cool, girl! Luv that!

I could use a personal shopper prior to a trip - or hey, girls, we could just call Marsha and have her put together an online outfit avant her gorgeous jewelry!

Juls Tip: Always bring some sexy lingerie, coz ya just never know!




Merci, ladies for the additional comments & suggestions on vital things to pack. xx's Marsha

Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

Thanks for all the great advice - you are right on! Also, so true about not skimping on the basics:) Hope you have a Happy St. Patty's Day.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Marsha you are such a wise and well-traveled woman. I had to chuckle with the demise, of the damsel in distress. If that is not the truth, but alas I feel like it's the backlash of us ladies wanting to be equals. Oh well, I much rather help myself but it "ain't" easy! Your tips were greatly appreciated and I think vacations for us all. Hugs to you my friend, hoping you are well? xx

*Chic Provence* said...

Oooh, wise words all of them! I needed this right now, too, as I am in process of preparing to take everything I need for three weeks in France into a carry on. Yes, one carry on (plus my.. ahem..rather large "purse", which is big enough to hold my laptop, makeup bags and a change of underwear!

I have lost too many checked bags. I have waited too many hours for bags to show up. I have broken my back hauling gigundo bags onto trains in France, and in and out of the tiny cars...NO MORE!

Great post!!


PS I always take black cashmere DKNY cozy whenever I fly anywhere, I wear it on the plane, it makes me feel so comfy and I always end up using it, even in the summer...